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About Daily Music Roll

Daily Music Roll is an online music magazine specializing in publishing music blogs, artist interviews, music news, and music reviews on various genres of music.

Our bloggers are a bunch of over-achievers and we write purely for the love of our music. We enjoy music, thus promote about through our writing. We strive to create an ecosystem of music lovers who enjoy listening to different genres and know more about the new artists on the block. With an audience ranging from DJs, producers, record labels owners, singers, rappers, club hoppers, and music fans, Daily Music Roll plays an important part in supporting the global music industry.

Daily Music Roll is here for everyone who loves music and trying to make a career out of it.
We are supporters and fans of the talented artists who love making their fans listen to some good music.


Sneha Das is a music enthusiast who loves writing for her favourite musicians. She is also a cruiser bike enthusiast and is a bookworm by night. You can find more about her on Facebook and Instagram.