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Alicia Parker

Alicia Parker is a fashion enthusiast studying at the University of California. She contributes to Daily Music Roll as a music blogger and writes a review of various music on a daily basis

Charles Edward

Charles Edward is a writer and musician from New York City. He publishes various poems and writes songs for his band. He is one of the leading members of a New based Rock band. He also does reviews in Daily Music Roll and writes music blog posts.

Hughes Nelson

Hughes Nelson is a contributing writer for Daily Music Roll. He also runs few other blogs, where he analyzes pop, hip-hop, and other music too seriously. Hughes reviews the music on daily basis and magnanimously indulges, encourages, and even participates in music discussion worldwide.

Jennifer Stone

Jennifer Stone has turned her love of music toward writing. She is the of the writers of Daily Music Roll and indulges in creating positive reviews, music blog and music press releases for various artists here.

Kushagra Chatterjee

Hi Folks this is Kushgra Chatterjee – a typical music buff who considers music to be an ultimate passion. As far as genres are concerned, my love goes for Hard Rock and my loyalty goes for Iron Maiden. I am into core rock music. Cheers!

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Nahali Bhattacharya

Easy rider, easy glider, incomprehensive life definitions, movies and coffee, mist and mountains and also prolific dissociation. If I break the frenzy into concrete steps of hows and whats, the anticipation will be gone. Life is but a shipwreck of all our corporate plannings. It is awful but oh so beautiful!