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“Stick” – Experience an Innovative Rhythmic Approach Of Young Singer Doliferecords

Increasing craze of hip hop and rap has encouraged many recording labels to come up with their unique musicality. Soundcloud has been witnessing the appearance of loads of artists releasing song in this particular genre. Amongst the singers, a new US based recording label Do Life Records is gaining quick notoriety for uploading fresh and mesmerizing musical blends. This label aims to support and motivate the young singers who wish to gain a good prominence in the music industry. The word “Life” in Doliferecords refers to love, infinitely exiling fear.

This label has already signed with a duo rap music group. This music duo is known as Shrevport Street Brothers (SSB).  “Stick” is the first official release of Do Life Records. Moreover, it is featured by Shrevport Street Brothers and presents the versatility of the artists as well. Shrevport Street Brothers is comprised of two talented stars and they are – Damian Bell and Alvin Ray Murray III. Both of them are based on Shrevport and crossed many hurdles to achieve their dream in the music industry. Though they are new to the music arena, Do Life Records has signed them after seeing their passion and dedication for music.

Not every song needs to bring new direction. But, “Stick” is the perfect example of an old school rap fused with contemporary music. Along with the versatility of the singer, “Stick” has delivered a lyrical smoothness. The mesmerizing wave of strings running through the guitar chords are worth praising. This piece has also featured a sticking contrast between the notes and rhythm. The listeners will witness an energetic ambience throughout the track. The vocal performance of the artist delivers a flawless melody. The soundscape of the music is truly inspiring for the rising hip hop singers.
“Stick” deserves the best position in soundcloud for its exclusive lyrical prowess. The songwriting skill assures that “Stick” is obviously a strong offering of this music label. The performance and warmth of emotions are clearly woven in this track. Moreover, the structure of the song is really cheerful. It keeps you energetic for hours. Repetitive riffs and powerful rhythmic approach have made this strong release hooking more audiences. Fans, who have interest in listening to some edgy music, must add Do Life Records in their playlist. This young artist is looking forward to releasing more new hardcore hip hop for the worldwide listeners.
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