Sporting and sweet tone vibrato hip-hop artist Jamian Ross is going to launch his new song ‘Hit Harder’ | Daily Music Roll

Sporting and sweet tone vibrato hip-hop artist Jamian Ross is going to launch his new song ‘Hit Harder’

Latest song ‘Hit Harder’ by Jamian Ross is going to release with an authentic touch of hip-hop and rap style. His songs have always delivered a delicate stroke!

Jamian Ross

There is something of high feeling attitude among the hip-hop and rap songs of Jamian Ross. He is an emerging and independent hip-hop and rap song artist with a bold vocal and deep rhythmic. Despite his service in the army for 18 and half years, he has composed such a beautiful hip-hop number to the audience. His passion for music especially hip-hop and rap could make you feel his bold nature through his songs. Right after the excellent success with his track 2 Step Stunna’, he is going to launch a new song ‘Hit Harder’ on 29th October 2021. The song is mainly based on that the artist has not received his part of appreciation and love from the people, hence, he is making it big with showing how he has walked through the road and achieved his dreams. Well, he wants all out there to be a part of his success. The flame, motivation, and ambition he has with him is stated throughout the lyricism. This song is more about winning the hearts of worldwide listeners.

While listening to his previous release, it is assumed that he will use aligned lyrics with the musical arrangement in the track ‘Hit Harder’. Furthermore, as the song has a connection with the ground reality more people can engage themselves with this song. The singer Jamian Ross has also composed many more hip-hop and rap songs such as ‘Cadence Call’, Red Flags’, ‘Role Models’, and ‘Am Who I Am’ – all these have come up with a huge success. Thus, to listen to many more bold hip-hop and rap songs a potential listener can find his presence on Spotify, Apple Music, and on his YouTube channel as well. Ross is still active in the army duty with 18 and half years of service. His marriage with Cristina Ross has revealed how happy he is and this sweet couple has also talked about their 5 handsome sons and a beautiful daughter. However, listening to this rising star offers soothing vibes to the ears. Stay tuned for his music video release on this October.

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