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Listen to the Inspiring Track ‘See In Color’ by Producer Shradan in Collaboration with Pop Artist CannB

DJ Shradan wears his production gloves for the song, ‘See In Color’ written and sung by pop artist, CannB. From its thematic to its creative definitions, the song captures the true purpose of electronic music in pop. The song is inspired by the global crisis of last year and motivates everyone with its creative optimism.

DJ Shradan


DMR: As a producer, do you find it hard to distribute your music across collaborators?

Ans: No, not really. A key component to collaboration is communication and networking and with social media today it has become easier than before to find and reach out to artists. Most people if they have the availability would be glad to collaborate if you are presenting a project that’s interesting, of good quality, and is in harmony with their niche.

DMR: Do you think blending multiple genres opens more gates to opportunities?

Ans: Absolutely! Blending genres together with good taste can result in new exciting sounds. Sometimes these can even happen by accident.

DMR: You have recently produced a pop song. What according to you is the best genre to use electronic modulations?

Ans: As a Pop/EDM producer, I think a good story and a signature sound, play an important role.

DMR: How important do you think are live performances or gigs are in the growth of an artistís career?

Ans: Extremely! Live performances play an important role in showcasing our skills, talents, and art. Besides having fun and expressing ourselves and making money, live shows are a means of promoting our music. When I  play in front of an audience, I get to know if my song is doing something to the audience or not. If it does not do anything, then I go back to the studio and work on it, until it is right.

DMR: You are a DJ and a producer. How far do you think electronic music can exist on its own without the intervention of other genres?

Ans: I think Dance music has always been there and will never diminish.  It will only grow and the intervention of styles of music, only makes the dance music scene bigger and better.

DMR: Which contemporary artists inspire you the most?

Ans: I grew up listening to Tiesto and he is still my inspiration and always will be.

DMR: With time and age, we have come to see the use of electronic music everywhere. Why do you think the audience is shifting to an electronically-enriched soundscape?

Ans: Most artists from different genres have started collaborating with Edm artists to express their feelings and share their stories with people. I think the reason why there is a sudden shift into EDM is that it is accepted globally in all age groups.

DMR: Is there a particular genre that you like to work with?

Ans: I would like to work with a hip-hop artist once I feel I have enough knowledge and I am ready for it.

DMR: What is the trend of new and upcoming musicians who looking to make a name in the electronic arena?

Ans: I see a lot of new talent trying their hands-on social media for e.g. Tik Tok and Instagram