Versatile pop singer Jenna Jay is fleshing out emotions through the latest single ‘Someone Real’ | Daily Music Roll

Versatile pop singer Jenna Jay is fleshing out emotions through the latest single ‘Someone Real’

Make some way for the upcoming artist Jenna Jay as she has dropped her latest single ‘Someone Real’. The track is creating huge buzz by churning out the pop essence.

Featuring a captivating subject matter along with a blissful musical arrangement, Jenna Jay is fleshing out raw emotions through her latest single Someone Real. It is one of the greatest contributions by the artist to the pop industry which is making a huge buzz in the music industry. Soft, smooth, and engaging, the track starts with a comforting pace and maintains it throughout the soundscape. The artist utilizes the soundscape the shows her blissful singing skills filled with emotions. With multiple immersive and emotive moments, the track is capable of enveloping not lonely pop lovers but all kinds of music lovers. There is a fine blend of poignancy and hope in the song which is complemented by the pop-esque sound design. This musical treat is highly recommended for everyone.

Jenna Jay

Hailing from Las Vegas, Jenna has done some great progress in a short span of time with her sheer talent, skill, and versatility. Pain, trauma, and melancholy are the greatest inspirations for her songs as she depicts the poignant side of life with an intimate lyrical approach. The latest track ‘Someone Real’ is the greatest example of that as it portrays trauma and betrayal of a toxic relationship. The artist has emphasized the fading realness in the world and society which she is seeking from a person or beloved. Going through a fair share of agony and depression, the artist found music to be her medium of expression. She started with songwriting to vent out her thoughts which turned into a fully-fledged track that can make everyone engrossed in it. Jenna has worked with Paul Lapinski to craft this single. Paul is well known for his works with Luda Chris, Alicia Keys, and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. The latest track has been premiered with an official music video as well where Jenna could be seen performing in an aesthetic setting. Quirky edits, color tone, and artsy help to establish the mood and ambiance for the tracks. The song is providing an audio-video pleasure to everyone.

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