‘Same Girl’ by Drewskiana explores heartbreak with never heard harmonies | Daily Music Roll

‘Same Girl’ by Drewskiana explores heartbreak with never heard harmonies

‘Same Girl’ by Drewskiana explores heartbreak with never heard harmonies

4.7/5 by Daily Music Roll

New York hip hop artist Drewskiana demands attention with his latest single ‘Same Girl’ which leaves the listener attuned to his mesmerizing rap style and infectious hooks.

How many artists and especially hip-hop stars manage to successfully deliver a catchy track while balancing their emotional sensibility? Well, I’m sure the count is very less. Doing all of that quite effortlessly, rapper Drewskiana has already packed up numerous streams with his melodic rap voice that surely knows how to evoke feelings. Offering a much-needed melodic hip-hop anthem, I am mesmerized with the New York hip hop artist’s soulful hip-hop performance in ‘Same Girl that is currently on the top of my playlist. Exploring heartbreak like never before, the song is bound to leave you teary-eyed with its genuine essence. His choice of beats and melodies is brilliant and the feeling with which he raps the verses effectively strikes the heart.


Based on pain, emotional turmoil, and every other emotion that leaves a person broken from inside, New York hip hop artist Drewskiana has sewed his new song ‘Same Girl’ with enormous expression. His honesty, rich vocabulary, and nostalgic vibe get me intertwined with his music every time to tune into the song. From one verse to the next, each part of the track is faultless and the immersive tunes offer a timDrewskianaeless look to the overall composition. He derives his inspiration from Drake and Aboogie, and has expressed his realness throughout. The rapper has recently dropped his new EP ‘Heartbroken Love Story’ with all fire tracks. Follow him on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates.

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