Yoso is setting the hip-hop bars high with his latest track ‘Moment’ | Daily Music Roll

Yoso is setting the hip-hop bars high with his latest track ‘Moment’

Yoso is setting the hip-hop bars high with his latest track ‘Moment’

4.1/5 by Daily Music Roll

Rising hip-hop artist Yoso makes a great impression with his spontaneous rap flow in ‘Moment’, a song that presents his unique qualities most engagingly. 


Always hustling to create sounds that resonate with the audience, artist Yoso offers a fresh and unique rap style that makes him stand out in the hip-hop crowd. The talented rapper from Leesville who is now based in Austin, TX, has a unique drive to create self-reflecting music that helps the listeners to bond with him deeply. After spending a couple of years alone to figure out life, the rapper is finally made a comeback with his latest rap anthem Moment’ which sheds an enormous amount of light on his special capabilities. The artist has smartly portrayed his real-life experiences with an enriching hip-hop soundtrack that presents the listeners with several engaging hooks. The song narrates how he untangled the complexities of life with sheer determination and has emerged wiser to showcase his talent to the world.

Yoso has stylistically combined a bouncy hip-hop soundscape with catchy rhythms and beats while keeping his voice as the center of attraction. Lent on faint beats in the backdrop, the artist drills his voice in the listener’s mind quite effortlessly that gives the audience a glimpse of his hip-hop edge. His sound mix, delivery skills, and lyrical honesty, everything sounds comforting to the ears and the artist has ensured that people can only expect great things from him in the future. Instead of succumbing to the obstacles, he chose to fight them and has emerged with great confidence to establish himself as a top-class hip-hop musician. His latest song ‘Moment is sure to extend his horizons in the music world and is now available on Spotify for a full listen.

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