Up-and-coming pop singer Jenna Jay is captivating her listeners with the latest track ‘Someone Real’ | Daily Music Roll

Up-and-coming pop singer Jenna Jay is captivating her listeners with the latest track ‘Someone Real’

Join an emotionally rich musical journey with Jenna Jay as she has come up with her latest single ‘Someone Real’. She is a Las Vegas-based talented pop singer.

Jenna Jay

A stylish pop-esque musical arrangement has united with beautiful vocal skills in the latest tracks Someone Real by Jenna Jay. The artist has done a great job in crafting this track that consists of a deep emotive essence that can captivate all kinds of listeners around the world. Relentless rhythms and a dicey sound design churn the real essence of new-pop music. Jenna’s blissful vocal skills meander through the emotionally rich soundscape and provide a major hook to the listeners to get lost in. It depicts a very personal picture as the subject matter conveys the pain and depression that occurred by betrayal and heartbreak. The theme is based on finding realness in someone who can provide love without toxicity. The title of the track is well justified and established with a relatable approach. Quite a retable and engaging piece, the track is being the current favorite of every pop lover.

The track ‘Someone Real’ has been released with an official music video as well. In the video, the artist could be seen performing through a dreamy landscape with some pleasing and aesthetic editing. She has worked with Paul Lapinski to create this masterpiece. The artist has gone through a fair share of struggle and trauma which reflects through emotional songwriting. Hailing from Las Vegas, Jenna is currently looking forward to making more tracks in the coming days of her prolific career. Follow Jenna Jay on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple music to know about her music. She is also available on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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