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Debut Track ‘Lifer Music 32 Ina Clip’ of the Artist G GR4DY Will Compel You to Play It Repetitively

The London hip-hop artistG GR4DY has never let his dream diminish, despite ups and downs in life. His track ‘Lifer Music 32 Ina Clip’ is the outcome of his perseverance.

                  G GR4DY

Hip-hop music since its inception has changed constantly. Crossing so many stages of evolution today’s hip-hop music looks way different than the style it originated. Keeping the authenticity and modernity balanced artist G GR4DY has given a spectacular performance with the song  Lifer Music 32 Ina Clip,’. With the song, the artist has proven that he has come to hip-hop music only to rule with his musicality. On YouTube, the song has been getting massive responses from the audience. They liked his style and confidence reflected through his track. Moreover, his passion and enthusiasm for music were reflected by his expression also.


The artist was born in Peckham, South London, England. At a very early age in his life, he has found a passion for music. Although he has been influencing people on Instagram for years by showcasing his lifestyle, he now comes to hip-hop music to build his career around it. The London hip-hop artist has been locked up for 10 years. However, his passion for music never diminished. The  London hip-hop artist is stylish and confident which is reflected through his song.

Debut track: 

 The debut track of the artist, ‘Lifer Music 32 in a Clip’, is an exemplifying song of the hip-hop music industry. It combines the modernity and originality of hip-hop music. It has enchanting vocal and stylized rhythmic beats that collaboratively have delivered a perfect hip-hop track. One of the most noticeable features of his track is the rap that incorporates his lifestyle, attitude, energy, and confidence. Moreover, a rapper becomes impactful when he uses his rhetoric selectively. In the song, G GR4Dy has been very brave in his selection of rhetoric which enhanced the beauty of the track further. Apart from this, the use of rhyme, double entendre, and some other poetic techniques, used in the track have given the track a strong foundational base. These elements further have given strength to the music. Another astounding element of his song is the beats which are intriguing and rhythmic. Even, the track has maintained a minimal musical complexity, so that the focus is always on the rap, and the essence of the song is not underestimated by the audience. The song has already crossed 100K views on YouTube. People really liked the song. If you have not yet, listen to the song on his official YouTube Channel and follow him on his  Facebook and Instagram pages to know more about him