Imelda Gabs mesmerizes all with her exquisite pop melodies as he performs brilliantly in her new single ‘Fallen Angel’ | Daily Music Roll

Imelda Gabs mesmerizes all with her exquisite pop melodies as he performs brilliantly in her new single ‘Fallen Angel’

Imelda Gabs marks a new turning point in her career with the launch of her video ‘Fallen Angel’ that showcases her unique vocal melody and performing ability at once.

Imelda Gabs

A Belgian singer, songwriter, and producer based between Switzerland and the UK, Imelda Gabs is exploring the depth of pop music by bringing to the scene her multiple influences and creating something unique and resonating. The talented singer follows her heart and drives with her creative freedom to create her authentic melody line that envelops the audience with its real essence from the very first beat. With a heavy jazz background and combining the music of various genres starting from classical to pop, soul, and rock, the singer prefers to mix varied sounds and treats her audience with a sonically rich blissful electro-acoustic musical journey.

The mesmerizing pop singer has stylistically displayed both her production and singing talent with her latest music video ‘Fallen Angel’ in which she completely owns the space with both her singing prowess and eclectic presence. The video kicks off with her dressed up as an angel with long, black wings as she has fallen off the sky. Her black outfit teamed with the black feathery wings visually appeals to the audience, giving the choreography an added edge. As the song progresses guided by entrancing sounds, piano keys, and a faint voice in the background it sets up the mood to expect something ethereal. The singer’s hypnotic voice flows into the scene, engulfing all the senses at once. Her vocal pitch evolves throughout the span hooking the audience to its dark pop emotive.

Imelda Gabs

‘Fallen Angel’ is a pop track with little experimental melodies. Imelda Gabs has written and produced the single at her home studio in Lausanne and recorded her vocals in Hanaroad Studios in Montreux. Having started playing piano at the age of three, the talented singer at the age of 14 performed in one of her original songs. She is truly a star in making whose recent track is going to prove as a new chapter in her journey. Follow the artist on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated with details related to her upcoming EP going to be released in 2021, and listen to all her songs on YouTube now.

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