The Hottest New Track ‘Shlimey 101 (Zoey 101 Parody)’ by Upcoming Artist TRICKZ Is a Captivating Experience | Daily Music Roll

The Hottest New Track ‘Shlimey 101 (Zoey 101 Parody)’ by Upcoming Artist TRICKZ Is a Captivating Experience

Thriving singer-songwriter from Virginia, TRICKZ is weaving a string of delightful melodies and fun lyrics in his new MV, ‘Shlimey 101 (Zoey 101 Parody)’.



Music has no boundaries and it has the power to connect thousands of people coming from different backgrounds at the same time. Inspired by the universal approach of music, young American singer-songwriter TRICKZ has become involved with the art of music-making along with his childhood friend-cum-manager Adam El Sebaey. He has again proved his dexterity a few days ago with his interesting new music video, ‘Shlimey 101 (Zoey 101 Parody)’. The track has created a great sensation among the listener referencing the famous Nickelodeon comedy-drama TV show ‘Zoey 101’. He has taken the tune of the show’s theme song and included his own lyrics creating an exciting new composition. The ocular presentation of the music video and the dreamy melodies are enough to take the audience back to their teenage days.

Life Story

The Virginia-based musician has been making music since he was very young. He soon developed a passion for singing and songwriting expressing his deepest thoughts and emotions. Each of his creations is different from the other and talks about something different every time. Inspired by his favorite artists Speaker Knockerz, Lil Yachty, and Juice Wrld, the multi-talented musician is determined to make music that is not only entertaining but meaningful as well. Most of his creations come straight from his heart, which makes them highly relatable and convincing to the audience. His soothing voice is like the cherry on top; it mesmerizes the listeners to another level.

The aspiring artist never wanted to practice the mundane life doing a 9 to 5 job in his life. He followed his dreams no matter what and never failed to make his eloquent music. His music represents what he was feeling at the time of its creation. His exceptional articulacy has helped him craft the most thought-provoking lyrical ballads of his career. He has quickly gained quite a bit of recognition and popularity in the contemporary music industry.

Latest Release

The independent musician is currently voicing his thoughts and emotions through his exemplary melodies. TRICKZ has already shocked the audience with his new creation, Shlimey 101 (Zoey 101 Parody). It is a wittier and more fun version of the popular TV show ‘Zoey 101’ on Nickelodeon. His other music video ‘Crush’ featuring Katie Donnelly helped him swiftly climb up the popularity chart. All his songs are available only on  YouTube and SoundCloud. Follow him on Instagram to know more about him and his upcoming works.