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Allen Himmen’s Exclusive Music Video ‘Come Give It To Me’ Offers Amazing Beats

Allen Himmen

The latest release of Allen Himmen has become a hit video for the pop music lovers. Come Give It To Me offers extensive beats and musicality that amuses the ears of every individual out there.We have got a chance to talk about this newest project and here’s how we received the responses:

1. Hello Sir, congratulations on your recent success on the track ‘Come Give It To Me’. Already your music has received an excellent fan count on YouTube. So, can you enlighten us about this track a little more?

Ans: “Come Give It To Me” is an upbeat song that means something different to everyone that listens.  There is a lot of feeling in the song and I worked hard on it.

2. Who have been your inspirations for music-making?

Ans: Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Max Martin.

3. What made you develop your interest in pop music culture?

Ans: I was never allowed to listen to any other music other than the country as a child because of religious reasons and because of that, any other music was what I craved. Pop ended up being what I was most interested in.

4. If you are asked to produce a song in any other genre rather than pop, then which one will you choose?

Ans: Rock

5. Musicians always say that they try to brush up their skills. So, can you tell us how your creative process has changed over time?

Ans: My creative process has changed a lot do to circumstance. When more bad or good things happen in my life, it changes the way I write.


6. No doubt, you have developed an excellent fan base. Many artists out there are still struggling to acquire a fair number of followers count. Do you want to give them any suggestions?

Ans: I would simply suggest giving the crowd what they want as long as it’s what you like.

7. What is more important to you, say – lyricism or beats?

Ans: I think lyricism is more important to me. Don’t get me wrong, a good beat goes a long way, but I put a lot of soul into lyrics.

8. If you are asked to collaborate with any famous singer, then whose name will you pick up?

Ans: Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga

9. Narrating personal experiences through music has become a trend nowadays. What is your view about that?

Ans: I think it is a very personal option. For me, music is whatever comes out of me at that point in time. Sometimes it’s more personal and sometimes it doesn’t feel as personal.

10. It is always said that music industry involves loads of struggle stories. So, was your path to the pinnacle smooth or rough?

Ans: My path is never ending.

11. Musicians often face anxiety issues while performing in front of the audiences. Have you faced it ever?

Ans: I face a lot of anxiety with anything I do especially performing

12. Have you already made a draft on your next project?

Ans: I have plenty of projects in the making.

Thanks Mr. Allen Himmen for giving us this opportunity. We wish you all the best for your next release. And hope to get one really soon!

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