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‘BMW Remix’ by BCG Mari Sets Up Mood for all the Hip-Hop Lovers

Young rockstar BCG Mari has recently released his superb hip-hop and rap mixes BMW Remix‘. We caught up with this talented musician to know more about his project and passion. Here’s how it went:

Hello BCG Mari, congratulations on your success for ‘BMW Remix’. And thank you so much for allowing us to continue with this beautiful conversation. Well, here’s a few questions I would love to place before you –

1. Please tell us something about this newly released single. How the idea came up to your mind about releasing ‘BMW Remix’?
Ans. I Liked The Beat So I Went Crazy On It

2. Hip-hop tunes are finely distributed throughout the track. So, do you prefer releasing music only based on hip-hop or there are other genres you love working on?
Ans. Ima Switch It Up Soon Just Getting Used To The Style I Use Now 💯

3. Who has been your inspiration?
Ans. Polo G , G Herbo And More

4. According to you, instrumentation or lyricism – which one is more important for composing a song?

Ans. Lyricism

5. Your vocalization was flawless. Are you vocally trained or is it the practice you have been through during these years?

Ans. I Had To learn On My Own 💯


6. I can see that you have achieved your goal at a very young age. So, what made you choose this career option?

Ans. It Came Naturally This Wasn’t Planned To Be Honest💯

7. Many rappers out there are still confused about how to rap and what to incorporate to make it a better outcome. So, any suggestions for them?

Ans. Find A Beat That Fits Them And And Rap About What They Live Make The People Feel It💯

8. Which song of yours do you love performing at a live event?

Ans. BMW Remix, Bag Talk, On a Mission

9. If you are asked to collaborate with any of the famous stars, who will you name?

Ans. Lil Durk, G Herbo, Polo G and More

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