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Cali Cazanova is Back with Excellent Music Rhythm Blend in ‘Victim Role’

Cali Cazanova

Armed with his unique storytelling methods, promising hip hop artist Cali Cazanova has entered the hip hop industry producing excellent musical illustrations. His unparalleled soundscape distinguishes itself from the contemporary standards in terms of both rhythm and rhyme.

His recently released single Victim Role’ featuring Guddah James, is a flawless picturization of his inner psyche. The music video of the track is fierce in its visual presentation amplifying the impact of the song.

The artist has recently sat down with us in an interview revealing all the details behind his success:

Hello, Cali Cazanova! Well done on your most recent release on YouTube. Thank you for interviewing with us.

Q: Tell us a few things about your musical journey?

Ans: A few things about my musical journey is that I began writing music when I was in my last year of college. My professor Mr. Watney was the man who encouraged me to continue doing so after taking a writing intensive course. After dropping 3 singles and 2 visuals I figured why not take it all the way? With the numbers and feedback I was receiving it only made sense. I worked on my very first album “Show No Love & Trust No One: Sun” which released this year August 29th on all platforms. Along with music videos to songs “Victim Role”, “Fast Life” and “Be The One For You”.

Q: What is the secret behind the success of your single ‘Victim Role’?

Ans: The secret behind the success of “Victim Role” is just being original, authentic, and speaking your own truth.

Q: Tell us about your experience of teaming up with Guddah James?

Ans: Teaming up with Guddah James was probably one of the best and yet risky decisions I made musically and personally. Musically because I’ve listened to him and he’s great so I wasnt too sure what his response would be when i would ask him to jump on the track but he was all for it. Secondly, when it came time to record I knocked my verse out. Then it was his turn, i asked him you got it all memorized or written down? He said naaa cousin I freestyle. Which is amazing and talented. It shows you how skilled and long he been rapping. We are actually distant cousins. We didnt grow up with each other but once we met and I found out he was from Oakland and me being from San Francisco i figured lets bridge this gap between us as family and also bridge our cities together musically. We will be making more songs together.

Q: What is the motivation behind such a lyrically rich and melodically unique rap number?

Ans: The motivation behind this was to let some steam off and show my fans who don’t really know me some insight of my life and background. My songs “This Is Me” and “Victim Role” are two very similar songs which tells my story and who I am.

Q: What message are you trying to convey through this soundtrack?

Ans: The message I am aiming to convey is no matter who you are or where you come from own it and appreciate it because those things make and mold you to the person you are today.

Q: What is the best aspect of your rapping style? How is it different from your contemporaries?

Ans: The difference is style and deliverance.

Q: When did you first start making music and which artists inspired you the most?

Ans: I first started making music at the age of 26 a few months before my 27th birthday. So yeah Im a late bloomer. I had just finished college.

Q: How many singles and EPs have you released so far?

Ans: I have released 3 singles and released 1 full album thus far.

Q: Are you working with any production house or record labels right now?

Ans: Not working with any labels at the moment. Just independent.

Q: Are you working on new music at the moment?

Ans: I am working on new music. A lot of new music. So stay ready and follow me on my social medias to stay updated. @Calicazanova on Instagram and Twitter.

Q: What advice would you like to give to the budding musicians?

Ans: Advice I would give to budding musicians is to have a genuine and trust worthy team of people. And to always stay true to yourself.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

Ans: My plans for the future is to move down to Los Angeles and push my music down there and network with other LA locals. Also to release a few more music videos and 2 more albums.

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