Cherish the brisk moves by rapper Chad Nathan in the latest track ‘First Place’ | Daily Music Roll

Cherish the brisk moves by rapper Chad Nathan in the latest track ‘First Place’

Featured with brilliant production and an unwavering vocal tone, emerging rapper Chad Nathan has come up with the latest hip hop representation. The latest single First Place is another milestone of this artist’s musical journey. The artist’s eclectic rapping style and can be felt through the latest EP ‘Walterboro Made’. We are glad that he could share a few words with us about his life and music.

Chad Nathan

Daily Music Roll: Congratulations on your latest single ‘First Place’. How do you feel about the track?

Chad Nathan: I’m happy with the traction my music has been getting online. It started off as just a freestyle me and LW made and we put the song away and didn’t release it for a few months. One day I just decided to finish the song and release it to see what would happen and here we are!

DMR: How did your knack for hip hop and rap develop?

Chad Nathan: I’ve been rapping for friends and family since I was a little kid. I initially started posting online because my friends encouraged me to go public.

DMR: Who inspired you the most to pursue music?

Chad Nathan: There was an artist named speaker knockerz who was up and coming to South Carolina before he passed away. He was one of the few people making a name in South Carolina’s music scene. So I wanted to make an impact as well.

DMR: As an emerging artist, what are your views on the modern music industry?

Chad Nathan: I like the state of the modern music industry. While it’s harder to grow an audience because it’s such a large field, it’s easier than ever to get your music on streaming platforms with so many distributors on the market. Some are even free!

DMR: You have a unique rapping style. Do you follow any rapper or style as musical inspiration?

Chad Nathan: I think a lot of my music style comes from my influences such as Bryson Tiller, Speaker Knockerz, and Tee Grizzley

DMR: You started making music back in 2017. How would you like to explain your musical journey?

Chad Nathan: I’ve always been making music but my journey really began in 2017 when some friends convinced me to post a song on YouTube. Soon I was known in my town. But I ended up taking a break in late 2018. I almost quit music after losing my YouTube channel but I decided to come back and now here we are!

DMR: As an emerging artist, would you like to give some tips to the rising music artist?

Chad Nathan: My tip to any rising artist is just to put out your music! For a long time, I had songs that I was too scared to release because I thought it was bad, but it ended up all working out once I finally just committed to it.

DMR: What do you think is more important to make a successful hip hop track? – Music or lyrics?

Chad Nathan: I think lyrics are important because you want the listener to relate to the music but nowadays the most important thing is the flow and the beat. People seem to enjoy simple music with a good beat more than lyrical music in these times.

DMR: Do you think hip hop can make a change to societal issues?

Chad Nathan: Definitely! When you look at a song like “The Bigger Picture” by Lil Baby, it can definitely shine a light on certain issues and make a change in society.

DMR: You made some significant progress in 2020. How did the Global pandemic affect your career?

Chad Nathan: In a way, the quarantine actually helped me be more creative. While the pandemic was a very unfortunate situation, being stuck at home allowed me to really think about what I wanted to do with my music.

DMR: Tell us something about your upcoming project.

Chad Nathan: I think my upcoming project will be my most versatile music yet. It will be 24 songs, so there will be a lot of music for my listeners to Enjoy!

DMR: Is there anything that you would like to share with your listeners?

Chad Nathan: I just want to thank everyone who listens to my music! Excited for what’s next!