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Hip Hop Artist and Rapper KCG’s New Song ‘Summer Rain’ Delivers a Unique Production Scope

Artist KCG is all set to release his upcoming single, ‘Summer Rain’ which will hit the stands on August 17 in association with Ghetto Heaven Records. Chicago artist Rickey Lamar Williams’s song is already earning early critical acclaim and media frenzy paving the way for a successful release that would expand his career to new degrees.


DMR: What is your take on the importance of live gigs and performances? Do you think it is the most crucial approach towards forming an audience base?

Ans: It is still crucial. But I wouldn’t say
most vital. In today’s market, social media marketing is the most critical as an artist can make it
simple off of an internet fan base alone.

DMR: Do you consider music as an influenced, inspired, and evolved streak of hip hop? Who are your biggest influences?

Ans: It uses to be now; it is watered down. My biggest influences came
from Run DMC, Rakim, Scarface of the Ghetto Boys, Busta Rhymes, James Brown, and my
Grandfather Eddie Williams is the hardest working man I know of.

DMR: How far do you think will hip hop go in terms of popularity and relevance in the evolution of music?

Ans: It has roots now, so I think it will last a long time. It is the biggest in the world now, so I
assume we are in our hay day, but I pray it lives forever

DMR: Do you think that the hip-hop and rap industry is still running in the competition?

Ans; No, it is
more of a buddy show with people supporting wack artist and music because they friend made
it. It makes me sick. Bring back the battle.

DMR: Do you feel that as an artist from Chicago, you stand out from your contemporaries because of your musical roots?

Ans: While Chicago has some amazing talent and history (that I love
with all my heart) I am here to set myself apart from even those greatest and be one of the
greatest ever to do it

DMR: How important is your association with your music label in the scope of your career and popularity?

Ans: Ghetto Heaven Records is the label that ever invested in me. I gain the majority of
my music industry success from them. Believed in me when no one else did and I am forever

DMR: How do you think lyrics add to the overall structure and essence of a song, especially in hip hop?

Ans: I think it is the meat of the song. It is the reason you remember or get a certain feeling when you
hear it. Takes you there or to a memory, the instrumental alone couldn’t do that. It is only the
combination of the right words and the music that makes it a whole song.

DMR: Do you think genre-bending music ends p garnering more audiences?

Ans: It can if done
right. There are many success stories and many failures.

DMR: Is it very crucial for an artist to collaborate with other musicians?

Ans: It can be a plus each of
you can be exposed to the other fan base and you can come up with amazing new vibes when
you mix two or more artist

DMR: What are your personal goals with your music?

Ans: To be Legendary.

DMR: Is music capable of influencing social and cultural issues?

Ans: Absolutely. It has and as it
stands in the scope of the world today will continue to do so.

DMR: Do you have any advice for new and upcoming artists?

Ans: Focus on your brand
keep going when things get tough that means you doing it right. And never give up.