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Jamal Wade Releases New Songs with Consistently Smooth Melodies

Jamal Wade

The upcoming hip-hop artist Jamal Wade hails from Florida, where the relaxing beach vibes compel you to cast all your problems off and enjoy the tropical sunshine amidst the American population. Jamal is widely known as the exultant master who produced hit singles like ‘Stay On Point’, ‘Tears’, and ‘Flaming Up’.  Recently, our team got the opportunity of having a conversation with this talented star. Here’s how the experience went:

DMR: The fans are very excited about this particular interview because the trailblazer, Florida-based rapper, Jamal Wade is here. How are you feeling about your latest records?

Jamal Wade: My latest record ” Tell Me” is one of a kind it has a different feel to it very energetic, hypnotic, and melancholy passionate vibe it given my fans something different than the previous records I’ve released in recent months.

DMR: Congratulations on the huge success of ‘God Forgive Me’. How do you take this success?

Jamal Wade: In all honesty, I’m looking to break another millions plus streams on my new music and albums in the near future being that this was the first one I only can set my standards even higher for new music.

DMR: More than one million streams on ‘God Forgive Me’. Did this feel unreal to you for a minute?

Jamal Wade: Yes it did when Spotify reported it through Spotify Artists it was unnatural for me because too many artists work so hard to try to get on the major playlist and I did it without any co-sign. Now that more attention is coming towards my Spotify everything else is constantly growing on a daily basis

DMR: I was stuck in limbo when I heard the new music releases on Spotify. How did you get such striking ideas for your music?

Jamal Wade: My craft has always come from my experience that I’ve dealt with in my life God Forgive Me is simply my testimony to the things I’ve been through in the recent years of releasing the album.

DMR: Your songs follow a simple style that connects the dot between two stories. How would you like to describe your music?

Jamal Wade: My music is for those who can relate I believe this is just the start of the way I will express myself in my music

DMR: What are the main inspirations for music in your life?

Jamal Wade: My family and my style of writing a song when I hear a new instrumental

DMR: You are good with poetic verses and thundering hip hop beats. What’s your favorite genre to work on?

Jamal Wade: At the moment I really don’t have a favorite genre, although I do enjoy anything that can bring my body and mind together as one.

DMR: Have you thought of playing freestyle music for a while?

Jamal Wade: No not really my type of thing to do I prefer to write all my lyrics

DMR: You take musical experiments quite seriously. What else is stored in your bag that the fans should be excited about?

Jamal Wade: More music video’s are on the way along with new features from well-known artists

DMR: Who are your musical idols in this industry?

Jamal Wade: My musical influences would have to be a mix of J.Cole, Dizzy Wright, Joey Bada$$, Money Man, Da Baby, Lil Baby, Money Bag Yo as well as K. Camp.

DMR: Do you want to share any words with more people like you who are trying to be successful in the industry?

Jamal Wade: Don’t give up and do more research on what needs to be done to become a better artist.

DMR: What is your favorite music instrument that you can’t skip in a recording?

Jamal Wade:  Piano