Rising RnB Singer Skye Shanklin Drops New Music Video, ‘All This’ Filled with Surprising Thematic Elements | Daily Music Roll

Rising RnB Singer Skye Shanklin Drops New Music Video, ‘All This’ Filled with Surprising Thematic Elements

Skye Shanklin

California-based singer-songwriter Skye Shanklin has created hype among R&B fans all over the world with her wondrous soundscape. She has released an incredible music video, All This’ featuring her unparalleled artistic craftsmanship. The song has gained more than 29k views in just 3 weeks. The 9 and 1/2 years old singing diva is winning hearts on the internet with her stunning talent. The brilliant artist has made some time for us and shared some interesting information about her music and herself.

Hello Skye Shanklin! Congratulation on the colossal popularity of your recent music video, and thank you for doing this interview with us!

Q: Are you really 9 and 1/2 years old? How do you manage to maintain a musical career at such a young age?

Ans: Yes I be 10 on July 5th, next month.

Q: What is the subject matter of your new R&B music video ‘All This’?

Ans: We were stuck in the house the during Covid-19 period, where there was barely any movement in the community. We stayed home, we embraced our friends and family more over the phone and zoom. We came out of it dancing!

Q: What message are you trying to give to your listeners through the song?

Ans: To believe in universal love and friendship.

Q: Do you think the audience is going to feel connected with the song? If yes, then why?

Ans: It speaks kindness and not negatively. It’s a modern song that has a dance step.

Q: Which musicians influence you the most and what have you learned from them?

Ans: Taylor Swift because she sings/writes and plays, Pink because she sings, writes and acrobatics and Alicia Keys because she writes plays instruments and is a great mommy like mine! PINK TOO.

Q: Who or what is the inspiration behind the particular soundtrack?

Ans: My family and God they always got my back my ride or dies.

Q: When did you start your musical journey and did you have any professional training?

Ans: My mom says I’ve been singing since 18 months old. It was John Legend’s “All of Me.” But I have a professional trainer “Chrys”

Q: Why did you choose the R&B genre, what do you love about it the most? 

Ans: It fits me, maybe when I’m older I’ll do other things like jazz but I love R&B there is so much to do here.

Q: Do you plan to release more songs in the near future?

Ans: Yes I’m working on “Be Someone”. It’s definitely a work of art.

Q: Are you signed with any production house right now or are you working independently?

Ans: Not signed yet.

Q: Do you plan to do any stage shows or make public appearances soon?

Ans: I’ve had a few appearances at Santa Pier recently and Venice Beach.