To Enjoy the New Music Video ‘Put In Work Part 1 (the prelude)’ by Hip Hop Artist from New York Chexs | Daily Music Roll

To Enjoy the New Music Video ‘Put In Work Part 1 (the prelude)’ by Hip Hop Artist from New York Chexs


Hip hop artist from New York Chexs delivers a spontaneous musical number label house, Kold Mafia. He came out with the music video, Put In Work Part 1 (the prelude)that sets his versatility apart from his contemporaries. Paying tribute to the New York-style of rap, he emerges as arising star with the new music video.

Hello Chexs! Congratulation on the colossal popularity of your recent song, and thank you for doing this interview with us!

Q: Do you feel that live performances are crucial in an artist’s journey towards popularity and engagement?

Ans: Absolutely I think its very important.

Q: What type of hip hop and rap music influences do you use in your production?

Ans: Boom bap, trap, drill.

Q: How far will hip hop go in terms of popularity and relevance in the evolution of music according to you?

Ans: Hip hop has reached a place where its so global its here to stay forever.

Q: What is the competition like in your relevant music scene?

Ans: I know there is a lot but as long as I focus on my craft I’m my only competition.

Q: Do you feel like an artist from New York, you stand out for your cultural integration in your music?

Ans: Yes I do.

Q: How does your label inspire you to do music?

Ans: They are my best friends so they motivate me a ton.

Q: How do you think lyrics add to the overall structure and essence of a song, especially in hip hop?

Ans: I am fan of lyrics so I say a lot even though I know lyrics don’t hold the weight that they used to back in the days.

Q: What is your take on artists attempting to create genre-bending sounds?

Ans: I like it it shows evolution gotta push boundaries its how you always keep looking for whats new.

Q: Do you often collaborate with other artists and musicians?

Ans: I try too I should collab more.

Q: What are your goals as a music artist?

Ans: To find that lane that is missing in hip hop to sound different and original while achieving success while doing so.

Q: Is music capable of influencing social and cultural issues?

Ans: Yes.

Q: What do you have to say to upcoming artists?

Ans: Stay true to yourself just because someone else got hot off a certain trend or wave don’t mean you gotta copy once you be yourself you offer something no one else can offer.

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