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Upcoming Musical Act Creative Resurrections’ New Song ‘The Queen Song’ Presents Cultural Oneness

Music project headed by storyline producer and action undersigned choreographer Ranjeet Tanwar, Creative Resurrections recently came out with their music video for ‘The Queen Song’. The track exemplifies women who made this creative and cultural confluence possible with their widespread and insightful knowledge about music, art, and production. This trap and pop song emerges with individuality.

Q. How can you define the genre of your soundscape?
Ans. We are very flexible with music creation. We are flexible to work with all kind of tempos. Genre can go in any direction as well, depends on the project.

Q. Are you are a band or a collective or a music project who collaborates with different artists?
Ans. I am an artist myself. I have been performing throughout my life in all sorts of surroundings. For eg. Festivals, school competetions, cultural events and talent shows. Currently, I am doing choreographies (action and/storline). I have been involved in sports too. I have a gold medal at Indian national kung-fu tournament. All these experiences makes me capable of giving an elevated support to the artistic projects.

Q. What is your take on the importance of live gigs and performances? Do you think it is the most crucial approach towards forming an audience base?
Ans. Live gigs are an amazing way to connect with the audience. I have done this in past and I will be doing this in future if I get paid well above of what I make right now with my time.

Q. How important is your association with your music label in the scope of your career and popularity?
Ans. The association is very strong. I am handling everything to make this business running. I have a strong finance and business knowledge both academic and through life experiences.

Q. Do you think genre-bending music ends p garnering more audiences?
Ans. Genre bending rather gets more audience involved. This is the whole concept of DJ industry. DJs are needed everywhere. This is the similar concept that we have for our arts.

Q. Is it very crucial for an artist to collaborate with other musicians?
Ans. Collaborations define how much you can grow. It is very crucial.


Q. What are your personal goals with your music?
Ans. My goal is to have a multinational establishment and to contribute toward societies. Music is a very efficient tool to point out social and/or cultural issues.

Q. Is music capable of influencing social and cultural issues?
Ans. Music is a very efficient tool to point out social and/or cultural issues.

Q. Do you have any advice for new and upcoming artists?
Ans. People always remember you on how you treat them. Be very careful in dealing with people.

Q. How do you think lyrics add to the overall structure and essence of a song?
Ans. Lyrics have power to change the meaning of the original concept, they need to sound very specifically.

Q. Would you like to pursue more Haryanvi music?
Ans. For sure, Haryanvi is my regional language. Our projects are defined based on the attitude of people whom we work with, not necessarily on their background.

Q. What do you feel about the current competition in the industry?
Ans. Competetion is of businesses, creativity existed when there were no businesses and creativity will exist if people turn back to stones age.

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