The Killers are working on a new album called ‘Pressure Machine,’ which is inspired by Brandon Flowers’ Utah hometown | Daily Music Roll

The Killers are working on a new album called ‘Pressure Machine,’ which is inspired by Brandon Flowers’ Utah hometown

The Killers
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The Killers will release “Pressure Machine,” a concept album based primarily on vocalist Brandon Flowers’ birthplace of Nephi, Utah, on August 13.

The announcement of the new project on Monday was accompanied by a short video trailer that includes shots of the small town and local citizens offering varying perspectives on what it’s like to live in a fairly cloistered community, from a man warning, “If you don’t have the right name, the right whatever… there are people in town that love me and people in town that hate me” to a young woman exuding confidence.

Flowers stated in a statement that the album emerged from a COVID-dominated period when “everything came to a grinding standstill.” And that was the first time in a long time that I had been confronted with quiet. And it was out of that quietness that this record began to grow, full with songs that would have otherwise been too quiet and drowned out by the loudness of normal Killers albums.”

The Killers‘ seventh album comes after a very short period between releases. Their last album, “Imploding the Mirage,” was released last year and was co-produced by the group, Shawn Everett and Jonathan Rado of Foxygen, as is the current one.

“Pressure Machine” was characterized as “a look into the present life of a tiny American town with a stark, harsh aesthetic, and the Killers’ most controlled and evocative album yet” in a press release.

Flowers, who grew up in Nephi and lived there from the age of ten to sixteen, says the commentary from locals heard in the video will be carried over to between the tracks on the album itself. “I noticed this unresolved grief,” he explained. “Many of my memories of my time in Nephi are painful. The ones associated with dread or deep grief, on the other hand, were emotionally charged. I have a better knowledge today than when we first began the band, and I hope I was able to do justice to these tales and lives in this small town where I grew up.”

The package also has Nephi artwork, including a cover image of a Baptist church exhibit by photographer Wes Johnson.

On a tour next year, the band will promote both “Pressure Machine” and “Imploding The Mirage.” It will be available for purchase on the Killers’ website on Friday at 10 a.m. local time.

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