Upcoming hip hop artist Fab 4ts is captivating his listeners with the latest banger ‘Immortal Decisions’ | Daily Music Roll

Upcoming hip hop artist Fab 4ts is captivating his listeners with the latest banger ‘Immortal Decisions’

Versatile rapper Fab 4ts has released his latest single ‘Immortal Decisions’ to offer the listeners. The song appears on his 10 track album,The World From My Eyes’.

Immortal Decisions

Pouring down an ample amount of psyche along with beats and lyricism, upcoming artist Fab 4ts has come up with his latest banger ‘Immortal Decisions’. The musical arrangement in this track has multiple sweet and subtle layers of detail which is simple and intriguing. It provides perfect support to the indulgent lyricism of the artist that meanders through the whole soundscape. As a well-seasoned rapper, he has an amazing hold over his rhythmic and lyrical flow with which he can create multiple immersive moments with skills of double-timing and fast-paced bars. The indulgent verses do not fail to put an impact on the listeners while reflecting the artist’s musical creativity.

The latest track ‘Immortal Decisions’, appears on the album “The World From My Eyes”, a representation of the perspective of the artist of life, death, and beyond. There are a total of ten exquisite bangers that consist of a dark and somber vibe along with brilliant production. The rapper is exploring himself through rap and hip hop and each of the tracks contains a fair amount of his soul and hard work. Some of the tracks from the album like, ‘A Father’s Soul Ties’, ‘Sirens’, ‘Yesterday And Today’, ’24 Karats’, etc reflect the artist’s eclecticism, catchy wordplay, and slumberous tone that hits deep inside. The latest album “The World From My Eyes” proves that the artist wanted his listeners to have a look at the world from the artist’s eyes. Follow Fab 4ts on Spotify to listen to his music.

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