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Drawing Arrows with their debut EP ‘Rojo’ ramps up the grandeur of Rock music

Get ready to hold on to your seats as Drawing Arrows makes their debut this summer with the launch of their latest EP ‘Rojo’, a culmination of three banger songs.

For those who are bored with the repetitive and honey-soaked pop sound, Drawing Arrows has now emerged to present to them all the classic banging sound of rock music. Drawing multiple influences from Australian rock n roll, Brit-pop, US grunge, and flamenco, to amped-up punk sounds, the music group keeps it real both sonically and melodically. With band members from the UK, Spain, and also from Australia, the members bring to the scene their uniqueness and let their authenticity shine out. The band’s latest EP ‘Rojoconsists of three songs namely ‘No Remedy’, ‘Siren’, and ‘The Genius’ that takes the listeners on a journey of lovesickness, causal mischief, and sly mermaids. The first song explores the core of rock sound; the second single combines cool rhythms with a dark edge, and the last track ramps up the tempo to hit with a bang.

Drawing Arrows have already proved their versatility in the genre and are pushing the boundaries to create a powerful impact. The EP ‘Rojo’ features a catchy bass, hitting drums, keys, percussions, and other intriguing electric and eclectic sounds that heavily impresses with the distinctive voice of the lead vocalist. Members Sidney (vocals) and David (bass/guitar) have gone back to their roots and have displayed their creative best with the EP. Listen to them on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music, and follow them on Facebook for more details.

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