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Seasoned Australian Singer Afs William’s Latest Music Video, ‘Can’t Believe It’ is the Ultimate Party Banger

The vibrant positive energy exuded by Afs Williams’s recently released music video, ‘Can’t Believe It’ offers inspiration to the listeners

Afs Williams
Afs Williams

Hip hop music has been making newer changes in its rhythmic and lyrical style throughout the decades. Upcoming hip hop artist Afs William has embarked upon a unique path, to create one of the finest and most innovative soundscapes of this season. He has just dropped a brand-new single, Can’t Believe It’ on major streaming platforms bringing the attention of the global hip hop community to him. The soundtrack comes along with an equally mesmerizing music video that successfully captivates the minds of the audience. The stunning visual presentation of the music video bringing out the true essence of the addictive lyrics effectively compels the audience.


The highly talented musician has been an avid fan of the music of all kinds from a very young age. He became interested in hip hop and then EDM as he grew up. He effectively combined the best elements from both genres giving birth to a hybrid soundscape that separates him from the rest. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, the prolific artist acquired vast recognition and fame for his music from the global music lovers looking for a refreshing change. Experimenting with different rhythmic elements, he has given his music a powerful versatile touch that can break the monotony of contemporary hip hop and EDM.

Musical contribution

The gifted singer has become one of Australia’s leading artists with his unparalleled collection. He is bringing a wave of new-age resonance into the scene with his versatile thematic approach. He does not believe in being restricted by a single genre and aspires to incorporate all the best elements from other genres in his music as well. Afs William is paving the path for the future of both EDM and hip hop music taking his creations to the next level. His dynamic originality and thoughtful presentation of colorful rhythms always keep him ahead in the game. His most recent release, ‘Can’t Believe It’ is the epitome of versatility with a thoughtful representation of the positive lyrics through its vibrant music video.

Other creations

Working under Chifley Music & Publishing, the thriving hit-maker has been delivering back-to-back hits mixing electronic and groovy hip hop beats together. His popular single, ‘Take Over The World’ is a party anthem in Australia featuring hard-hitting beats and visionary visual representation. His other compositions like ‘Beautiful Disaster’, ‘Head Up’, and ‘King’ give you a great taste of the music of the future. Follow him on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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