Techno artist StringFella’s upcoming song ‘Single Origin’ takes the audience on a brilliant sonic journey | Daily Music Roll

Techno artist StringFella’s upcoming song ‘Single Origin’ takes the audience on a brilliant sonic journey

Irish DJ and music producer StringFella presents a rhythmic oscillation of house and techno rhythms in his soon-to-be-released soundtrack, ‘Single Origin’.


The genre of EDM has a lot of potentials to bring out the true creative dexterity of an artist. Rising DJ and music producer StringFella is letting the world dive into the beauty of electronic music with her house-infused techno soundscape. He is about to drop a brand-new number, ‘Single Origin’ on December 3rd, rich in progressive techno beats intermingled with his own thematic twist. The rhythmic arrangement and chord structure in the track is highly innovative. It presents a beautiful collision of elements from different EDM subgenres. The dynamic melodic flow is bound to captivate the hearts of the audience, making them forget all their worries and live freely in that moment.


Though the talented musician was involved with music from a very young age, he started his professional DJ career in 2012. Inspired by artists like Lane 8, Boral Kibil, Boris Brejcha, Guy J, and more, the gifted artist has come a long way in perfecting different rhythmic styles and techniques. He has performed along with the biggest names in the house and techno scene in Ireland and the UK, such as Ngoni Egan, Mode_1, Jon Hemming, Jon Hussey, and many more. He fuses various rhythmic elements and combines them together to form something that he likes to describe as an ‘electronic cocktail’ of sounds.

The multi-talented artist has teamed up with production house Red Penguin Records and is coming up with the most compelling mixes of this season. StringFella is letting the world know he is still dominating the EDM scene with his upcoming single, ‘Single Origin’ which is filled with a strong melodic flavor. Listen to his other songs like ‘Altitude’, ‘Flavour of old (original mix)’, ‘Heel hooked’, ‘Trad Pt. II’ featuring Mador, and more on major streaming sites like Spotify and YouTube. Make sure to follow him on Facebook for more updates about his upcoming releases.