Up-and-coming music artist Carlie Green is spreading her musical aura through the latest song ‘Soldier’s Promise’ | Daily Music Roll

Up-and-coming music artist Carlie Green is spreading her musical aura through the latest song ‘Soldier’s Promise’

Get through musical and emotional healing with Carlie Green and her latest track ‘Soldier’s Promise’. The track is dedicated to all the soldiers fighting out there. 

Carlie Green

Providing listeners a melodic punch with indulgent lyricism, Carlie Green has released her latest single Soldier’s Promise’.  The track is made with utmost care and musicianship which makes it one of the greatest contributions by the artist. The musical arrangement in the track provides listeners a blended essence of alternative pop, rock, RnB, and soul that feels nostalgic yet strangely refreshing at the same time. There are blistering guitar grooves with exciting drum rolls and snares that make the soundscape quite energetic.

Carlie utilizes the soundscape and meanders through it like a hot knife in butter. She has an amazing voice and enticing vocal skills which gets revealed as the track progress. Written from an intriguing perspective, the subject matter embraces the dedication of soldiers who are fighting for the country and to keep the people safe. The track is capable of putting a deep impact on the artists while captivating them with an enjoyable musical representation. Raised in San Antonio, TX, this talented music artist is practicing Video Music Business & Performance Studio at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. With an ample amount of knowledge, skill, and passion; Carlie is paving her way to the top of the industry while empowering everybody through her tracks.

Previously, the artist has released singles that garnered a lot of attention from the listeners namely, ‘Submission’ and ‘Demented Lullaby’. This versatile artist does not like to limit her creative soul to only music but also tries her hands-on painting, direction, cinematography, theatre, and so on. The artist has developed her passion for music at a very young age and now, she has become a role model to other artists and listeners. The latest track ‘Soldier’s Promise’ is the greatest example of her musical consistency and creativity. Follow Carlie Green on Spotify to know about her tracks.

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