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Van Arlo delight their fans with yet another blissful acoustic soundscape ‘Severed’

Van Arlo, a band formed by two friends Ben and Jesse, etches its name prominently on the hearts of the listeners with their latest acoustic soundtrack ‘Severed’.

Van Arlo

Emerging with a fresh new acoustic sound on the scene, Van Arlo, which is the musical project of longtime friends and bandmates Ben Marthey and Jesse Hernandez, has quickly stirred the audience’s attention with their warm and heartfelt compositions. Both the artists are longtime staples of the Northeast Ohio music landscape and have now geared to treat the share their unique artistry with the world by dropping songs that are focused to highlight their originality.

Immediately inviting with their intimate vocal introduction, the band has dropped their new single ‘Severed’, a song that calms both the heart and the soul almost immediately. The imagery-laden soundscape evokes various nostalgic emotions in the listener’s heart and urges them to escape into the song’s intriguing melody line. Both the artists have showcased tremendous potential with the strength of their songwriting and the message is clear. The music works like magic to uplift the mood and the constant plunge of the acoustic guitars makes it inevitable for the listeners to let go of the hook. The writing is of high quality and the vocalist’s expressive vocals help draw immediate focus to that. Loaded with emotional vibes, the acoustic song digs deep into exotic harmonies that perfectly introduce the pair’s refreshing musicality.

Van Arlo gives a new perspective to Alt-rock and acoustic genre with their stand-out creativity as both the artists incorporate their musical best to make the productions highly appealing. The latest video ‘Severed’ shows an exceptional performance by the artists where Ben Marthey has carefully written the concept and the track has been produced by Jesse Hernandez. While exploring through the various melodic layers, listeners weave in their memories and sense of nostalgia while longing for the carefree days. The acoustic undertones completely support the honest and introspective vocals that lay the base for the beautiful indie-rock song. Hear out the full song on YouTube and follow the band on Facebook and Instagram for more details.

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