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Buckle Up for a Chest-Pounding Hip-Hop Ride with Skeezy Scott’s New Video ‘Dipped In Slime’

Artist Skeezy Scott stands as an exemplary example of how far rap and hip-hop have come as he combines his greatest strengths and stylistic attitude to shine through in his latest music video ‘Dipped In SlimeFt.Jizzle Kruger,Just Rich Gates. The rapper grabs the attention immediately with eclectic visuals and as the video starts he takes over the scene with his irreplaceable presence. The lyricism captivates at once and the artist provides just the right amount of rap and hip-hop dosage to intrigue the listeners. The lyrical flow ensures to make the listeners bounce and the rapper has pinned his musical identity by giving out a powerful performance throughout. Watch it on YouTube now.

Recently, our team had the opportunity to share a short conversation with the dynamic rapper and he was quite enthusiastic about sharing his journey with us. Read below to find out some exciting details.

1. Congratulations on the success of your new video ‘Dipped In Slime’, how do you feel about it?
Ans. Thank u the video is doing very well it’s growing fast I can tell the audience is engaging with my vision so far.

2. What do you believe makes your rap style unique and distinctive in the landscape?
Ans. I realized that the way I put lyrics together and how I pick production beats is very not trendy today which gives me my own identity I’m unique because I create my own vision not another artists style.

3. Since when did you realize your passion for music and especially hip-hop?
Ans. Watching music videos around the age 10 I couldn’t understand it then but now I see that I was a person who likes to see creativity shown through art or video so I know I wanted my story and passion shown the same way.

4. What do you feel is currently missing in the industry and how do you wish to change it?
Ans. I’m not interested in changing the industry Because I don’t own it I rather show my audience that as long as you are content with what u achieve its ok to stand out from the crowd.

5. What drives your songwriting style?
Ans. My own life experience drives it there is no better feeling than to know I can share a message that who ever feels like me will except it.

6. Who or what has been your constant support throughout your journey?
Ans. My label Jce records, my family, and supporters they keep me going always and help me fix any mistakes I make.


7. You have a refreshing attitude. Is it something that you have nurtured over the years or accidental?
Ans. I had to go through trial and error to become that way it takes a lot of patience and staying humble.

8. How do you want your fans to resonate with you?
Ans. Increase my numbers and downloads daily I want to see the effects of what they want and expect from me through comments and etc.

9. Has the pandemic affected your music? If yes, how?
Ans. It has not I realeased 2 mixtapes doing the pandemic and started to build my following and numbers online it actually helped me.

10. If allowed to go live, where would you like to perform?
Ans. Madison Square Garden in New York would be the ultimate opportunity if u can make it in New York u can make it anywhere!!!

11. Do you want to build a career in hip-hop or want to experiment with other genres as well?
Ans. Hip Hop, Pop, Jazz, Edm I can do it all doesn’t matter the genre it matters why the message is.

12. Would you like to share any special messages with your fans?
Ans. I would like to thank any fan or supporters behind me just continue to follow me and watch me grow I will be touching mainstream venues and avenues real soon!!! Follow me on Instagram @officialskeezyscott

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