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Churning out the flavors of Soul and Blues Hisyde is making some significant progress

Hailing from Dallas in Texas, emerging soul-singer Hisyde is making a stir among the listeners with his latest tracks. His upcoming album ‘Who Is Hisyde’ is going to release soon in February 2021. The artist is looking forward to churning out more flavors of Soul and Blues music with a successful musical career. We thank him for sharing a few words with us while the anticipation increases.


Daily Music Roll: How are you handling the excitement of your upcoming album release?

Hisyde: I can’t tell you how stoked I am about my upcoming debut album. I’m new on the southern Soul/R&B scene, and a lot of people have heard my music almost all over the world, but have never seen me perform, or graced my presence, or seen my face. So I thought it was only fitting for me to title the album “Who Is Hisyde”. As far as handling the excitement of it all, I believe, just like every other artist, there is a sense of excitement because of what you believe your music can do and bring for not only you but to the listeners. I have some great songs on this album, no doubt. There’s also a lot of nervousness with a small Spackle of goosebumps as to how it will be received and reviewed.

DMR: How did your knack for music develop?

Hisyde: Man, I tell youthe truth, it all started when I was a young lad, deep in south Arkansas, running around with my cousins, ashy dry ankles, ashy elbows, greasy faced, and sticks for toys. We would go to the neighborhood park, which had no playground equipment, only bleachers and a softball field. My younger cousin Brandon and I would go to the top of the bleachers and beat on them and makeup songs until our sticks broke. Those were the days, and that’s when my knack for music developed. I’ve been doing music every sense in some fashion whether writing, singing, rapping, managing, or promoting.

DMR: Who inspired you the most to pursue music?

Hisyde: That’s a hard question because our only inspirations were local rap artist such as The Black Kingz, and singers like my uncles, aunts, and grandmother. I come for a gospel singing, guitar playing, preaching family. I can remember my uncle sitting in the living room at my grandmother’s house with his guitars, he was playing the right songs which we thought were silly songs, but what really inspired me was when he showed me that a company had leased one of his Song and made a version of it. He was actually getting paid for it. My uncle actually recorded my first song on a four-track Tascam tape recorder. I guess I can say my family is what inspires me to do music.

DMR: As a well-seasoned soul artist, what are your thoughts about the evolving music industry?

Hisyde: I wouldn’t say I’m a well-seasoned soul artist, but I can say that I am a well-seasoned writer and a student of the industry. One thing about me is that I love to learn everything behind the scenes of music, particularly the business side of it. I believe being an artist is 10% talent and 90% business. It’s all about the paperwork. I know that the industry is evolving and everything is digital now versus CDs and tapes. It takes so much to be a successful artist and earn money at the same time. That’s why it is so important for the artist to have their paperwork together. As this industry evolves it is a must.

DMR: Would you like to work with other genres in the future other than soul and blues?

Hisyde: Absolutely, I’ve worked with rap artists, I’ve worked with artists from Africa, but I would love to work with country artists as well. You will find a country song on my album titled “If You Were Mine”. I like to think that I am a very versatile writer and artist at the same time. I don’t claim to be the best singer ever, but I don’t need a ghostwriter, maybe I should write for the ghostwriters. LOL!

DMR: Audiences compare you with Lenny Williams and Tyrone Davis; how do you feel about that?

Hisyde: It’s an honor to be compared to Tyrone DavisandLennyWilliams, but it is nerve-racking because they are the greatest to ever do it in my genre. That’s a hard act to follow, but I believe every artist sounds like someone from the past. I’m just glad that I can be compared to a great, and as I perfect my craft, hopefully, I can be mentioned as one of the greats that future upcoming artist sounds like.

DMR: Tell us something about your experiences while performing in the Soul Fest.

Hisyde: Shout out to Mr. Mike Productions, for giving me my first chance to perform as a solo artist. The experience was great; it was in front of my home crowd. So the nervousness was at 1000%. I didn’t know what to expect, all I knew was that I had to go out and give my best and remember the words to my song because nervousness was all through my soul. It was great to get to perform alongside some of the greats like Carl Sims and many others.

DMR: Would you like to give some tips to the rising artists in the industry?

Hisyde: The first thing I would say to an upcoming artist is: stay true to who you are, don’t become a chameleon, and try to be everything to please everyone. Second: paperwork, paperwork, and I cannot stress enough… Have your paperwork together. The music industry is a business, and every artist is a business. Last, but not least, definitely keep God first in everything you do and do the music that makes your fan’s soul cry out for more.

DMR: You have an amazing voice. Are you vocally trained?

Hisyde: Thank you so much, I hear that a lot, but I believe that I am my biggest critic. I am not vocally trained but I sometimes train with a vocal coach.

DMR: How do you prefer to write songs? melody first, or concept, lyrics, beat?

Hisyde: When I write a song, sometimes I just have to hear the beat. I believe if you can hum it, then you can sing it. I like to hum out my songs before I write to them because that’s how I hear it in my head. Then I go back and listen to it and put words to it. So the Melody is already there, the lyrics are already in my head, and the concept is already there. So if I had to coin a method, It will be from the ear, to head, to pen.

DMR: Do you think music can bring change to societal issues?

Hisyde: Music has brought so much change to the whole world and there’s so much evidence that music and can continue to bring change to things, especially the societal issues that we face. I believe that our words have power, and if someone hears power over and over again with a little bit of energy to get you moving, change happens.

DMR: Is there anything that you would like to share with your followers?

Hisyde: First of all I want to thank you for choosing me, and I humbly appreciate you. I don’t take the platform that I’ve been given lightly. To be followed and supported as an artist is a huge privilege and it comes with a lot of responsibility. I promise to bring to you the best music that I can bring to you while we have this moment. I love you and can’t wait to lyrically dance with you.