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Elliye Excites Everyone with her Incredible Club Hip-Hop Music Video ‘SLEEK’

An incredibly talented artist who has embarked on the hip-hop journey to attain stardom at a very quick pace and is taking all the right steps to achieve it is a new-age rapper Elliye. A stylish performer, an engaging storyteller, and an impressive songwriter, the rapper has built a steady fan base with her contemporary melody line and has already solidified her position as one of hip-hop’s rising prospects. In her latest music video ‘SLEEK’, the artist has given out a spellbound impression about her striking musicality not just melodically or verbally, but also with her stylish grooves. From the beginning, the rapper took charge of the scene and delivered a musically addictive composition. The accompanying music video was at par with the lyricism and the artist to grab the attention for all the right reasons. She is currently connected to her label GACH1 production and has signed up for a long stay in the industry.



1. Congratulations on the success of your new video ‘SLEEK’, how do you feel about it?

Ans. Thanks, but I don’t see it as a success yet, as I dream always higher than my result. But I surely feel grateful that it could be the first big step for my career in this industry.

2. Did you always share a passion for hip-hop or is it by chance?

Ans. I have always been loving hiphop, the culture, the attitude towards life, so I would like hiphop to be my main genre and develop it further in the future.

3. Since when did you start composing or writing music?

Ans. Officially since 7th of August, 2018.

4. What do you believe sets your music apart from the others?

Ans. The colors within myself and my music and the soul. I didn’t not start music to become rich or famous, I started because it was the only way that could heal and enrich myself mentally, emotionally and spiritually, so I believe that my fans and audience would definitely feel the soul through my music, and that makes the whole thing different, as there are many duplicate types and colors of music that has no soul thesedays.

5. Who or what has been your constant source of motivation?

Ans. My feelings, myself is the big motivation, as I always write songs mostly based on my story.

6. Even though you’ve just started, your fans seem to love your work, how do you feel about it?

Ans. I appreciate the love and support from my fans.

I just wish that I could show them more of my music!

7. Hip-hop is competitive, what compelled you to establish a career out of it?

Ans. The Black culture, the swag, the vibe in hiphop was so undeniable to me. There were grooves, souls, and rhyme that have captivated me, and that’s where I have started.

8. What do you believe is important to craft an original sound?

Ans. The personality and yourself.

9. What is the core of your hip-hop sound?

Ans. I don’t have core hiphop sound as I just cover every sounds, for example, I feel sad and moody but in a sexy way, I would be into Trap. The next day I would feel really gangster and want to express that I am upset, I turn the switch on boombap and do rap on it. My core sounds just switch depending on my feelings.

10. If given a chance to go live, what would be your dream venue?

Ans. Definitely, Coachella

11. Do you plan to stick to hip-hop or would you like to stretch to other genres as well?

Ans. I never stay the same like a shapeshifter.

12. Would you like to send across any message to your fans?

Ans. Love you guys from the bottom of my heart.

I know life is tough but I hope my music could make you stronger so you never get defeated in your life! Thank you always.