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Join the Musical Journey with Fresh EP and his Enticing Latin Tracks, Like ‘808’

Hailing from Brooklyn in New York, upcoming Latin music artist Fresh EP is captivating the listeners with his exquisite single 808. The artist is well seasoned and his works revolve around Latin Drill, Trap, Reggaeton, and Dancehall numbers that instantly channel a burst of energy and good vibes to the listeners. Inspired by Farruko, Daddy Yankee, Arcangel, and many others; the artist is opening a door of inspiration for all his music. We thank the artist for sharing a few words with us, providing an inside story.

1. Congratulations on your prolific success in the Latin music industry. How are you enjoying your musical journey till now?

Ans. Hello, Jennifer Thank You so much, highly appreciate this interview Today, At this point in time, I am at the best stage of my musical journey mentality. I feel there is nothing I cannot overcome or accomplish in music and in life. there were some bumps along the way but I’m always positive and ready to roll.

2. The single ‘808’ has garnered much attention. The following project ‘No Se Empata’ does not fall back either. How do you feel about the tracks?

Ans. Yes, my song 808 has garnered a crazy amount of attention specially on Spotify and tidal Youtube as well the song has a sound of its own Produced by Claptomanik alongside Flame Star Sounds on the Mixing end of it. I really love the idea and the time it was made because during that point a lot of people were not trying to record because of the pandemic situation rising and my team and I grabbed a camera and shot the music video ourselves as Flame Star Films. Also the song No Se Empata is very big for me because of the genre Drill Music in Spanish as being one of the fathers of Latin Drill scene coming from Brooklyn, New York specifically Brownsville having this sound is very huge following the footsteps of American artist like Pop Smoke, Sheff G, Sleepu Hallow, Fivio Foreign and other. To be able to make a Latin Drill is refreshing and bringing light to the sound of the city as the face of the Latin Side of Brooklyn.

3. How did the Global pandemic affect your musical career?

Ans. Well Jennifer the Global pandemic affected my musical career 100% and a total of 360 degrees for Bad and also Good. One thing the pandemic helped me with was getting on my A-game and spend more time with my family enjoying quality time. The bad part was there were no shows or much traveling because of safety protocols. Other than that my music elevated and went up as far as people appreciating what I do and bring to the table more. With the big top artists in the world, stream counts going down artists like me on the rising visibility was going up.

4. What are your views on the modern music industry?

Ans. The music industry changes every other year it’s hard to say something specific but what I will say is the world is not the same the industry will start to shift all to Digital platforms and digital services just the pandemic alone took it to the future in a way. People cant be in meetings together and now Video chats are the new conference rooms. I love the new music industry is more futuristic I’m all for the change.

5. As a Latin music artist, do you think language can be a barrier to your exposure?

Ans. I don’t think Language is a barrier at all, now is the time where Latin artists are collaborating the most with people who sing in other languages. Music is a universal language as long the business is right and the music is dope the work will get done and the views will rise.

6. How do you like to craft your tracks? Music first or lyrics?

Ans. I actually don’t have a specific method it all depends on the song and the vibe or in Spanish the Musa which means the muse of the day when I’m creating at the studio I like to feel the beat or just might have a hook already and fill out the melodies around it. It comes how it comes. There is no specific way I craft my tracks.

7. How did your passion for music grow?

Ans. My passion for music grew when I started to understand I could not get songs out of my head first being a fan of the game than playing in it. Since a young boy, I would start being creative with Graphic designs, and slowly that led to downloading instrumentals to then getting the FL Studio 4 at the time and start to create my own beats.

8. Who has helped or inspired you the most to pursue your career in music?

Ans. My older brother Joel & his friends were making music before me they inspired me to want to do it on my own. At first, I was a little shy about letting people know I make music I didn’t think I was good enough. Slowly but surely, practice makes perfect and as time passed I got better and better and the confidence and self-belief got me to be the artist I am today.

9. Would you like to work with other genres in the future?

Ans. I am open to working with any genre as long as I enjoy it, Is good and I feel there is a vibe in recording on it. No matter if is Afro beat, Dancehall, Reggaeton, Drill, Trap, Salsa, Bachata, Hip Hop, or any other genre if there a vibe ima rock with it.

10. As a well-seasoned artist, would you like to give some tips to emerging artists in the industry?

Ans. Yes, to all the emerging artists in the industry don’t let anyone tell you no, You can do it if you put your mind to it. sometimes no one will see the vision as long as you can see it it’s possible. Be great and stay true to yourself.

11. Can we expect any upcoming projects soon? Please shed some light upon it.

Ans. Yes, you can expect many projects like two EP called Latin Drill & Brooklyn Gang. Also, you can expect an album called Musa. Under Universal Music Group productions and Flame Star Empire Sounds. There will be Artists featured on it like Lito Kirino, Jamby El Favo, Japanese, Villanosam & Others.

12. Is there anything that you want to tell your listeners?

Ans. I want to tell all my listeners & fans I love them and want to thank them for all their support always. Team Fresh EP will stand forever we are a family and well see the top together, stay healthy stay safe, and with positive energy. Thank You!

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