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Let There Be Darkness Drags the Uniqueness of Dark Electronic Music to the Next Level with Its Superiority

Let There Be Darkness

A band that is quickly getting away with all kinds of positive responses from the crowd for its unconventional melodies inspired by Industrial and Goth music is Let There Be Darkness. The Los Angeles based music band is led by Charles Richburg, who is the vocalist and lyricist of the music band and the singer sings about death, eternal despair, and hell in all his compositions. Leading with extremely unusual energy and enthusiasm in his craft, the artist has various tracks that deal with religious symbolism, and his unapologetic heavy vocals draw upon the attention almost immediately. Few songs that precisely highly highlight his originality are Myself Decay’, ‘Endless Rain’, ‘Bleeding Black (Remastered), and ‘Eat My Cult (Remastered). Charles is gearing up for his new release Satanic Celebrity and wishes to continue making more such eccentric dark music for his fans.

Recently, our team had the opportunity to share a short conversation with the dynamic singer and he was quite keen to share some unknown details about his life. Read below to know more.


1. Hi Charles, your latest batch of songs have been received quite well by your fans, how do you feel about it?

Ans: To be honest I didn’t think a lot of people were going to like them. When I first recorded those songs they were meant to only be heard by people in the goth/industrial scene. But people all over the world that’s into all types of music are really digging it.

2. What was your intention behind creating the band Let There Be Darkness?

Ans: I’ve been in the goth and industrial scene for twenty years now and I wanted to create music like all the stuff I was listening to. I didn’t always want to be a singer. When I first became a part of the scene I was an actor. It wasn’t until five years ago that I met a music producer and I let him hear Suicide Commando. Then history was made.


3. For those who do not know about dark music, how would you describe it?

Ans: It’s the exploration of subjects not often talked about. It’s a certain mood it puts you in that’s opposite of normal. It’s almost a spiritual thing that forces you to explore the depths of your soul and become your highest self.

4. What according to you miss in today’s musical concepts that need to be fixed?

Ans: I miss the uniqueness. Every artist nowadays sounds exactly the same.


5. How do you believe your music is different from the others?

Ans: The music itself is quite cinematic. I heard many people tell me that my songs belong on movie soundtracks. Plus my vocals are distinguishable. When you hear them you can tell it’s me.

6. What’s your plan for 2021?

Ans: I want to get signed to a label, record the best and biggest album in the world and go on a world tour.


7. On bad days, how do you plan and execute your craft creatively?

Ans: I write my best material on bad days. It’s those days when I feel that God is against me that I write some pretty dark stuff.

8. If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why?

Ans: I would like Trent Reznor to produce my next album. Nine Inch Nails are a huge influence on my work. The first four albums are classic industrial music. I want my album to sound like those but with my own little twist to it.


9. What’s the best piece of advice you have received so far?

Ans: Never get married. Never have kids.

10. What has been the most special moment in your musical journey so far?

Ans: I literally blew up on Soundcloud. I uploaded the demo versions of my songs a year ago and “Eat My Cult” has been a major success. Now that I have the album “Satanic Celebrity” uploaded on Soundcloud it’s getting thousands and thousands of plays.

11. What do you feel is your best piece of work so far and why?

Ans: The album “Satanic Celebrity” is a modern classic. The reason I called it that is because it’s a homage to Marilyn Manson’s “Antichrist Superstar”. The songs “Eat My Cult” and “Myself Decay” are pretty blasphemous. The latter is where I play the role of Jesus Christ on his last day and he is actually swearing.


12. Would you like to share any special messages for your listeners and fans?

Ans: Darkness has come!

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