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Mappman is redefining hip-hop and rap music with latest release ‘Next Play’

The hip-hop music genre has always received millions of listeners. The fan-followers of this genre are now going to witness another hit release by Mappman. Next Play is something that can classify how a hip-hop and rap blend should be. The artist is doing it right with laid-back lyricism. The music further describes the ups and downs of his life that he has been through. We got a chance to know more about his experience. So, let’s check how it goes:



Q. What artist name would you like the promotion to be continued in?   

A. Mappman

Q. What kind of music genre do you represent?    

A. Rap

Q. Which artists inspire you’re the most?  

A. Jay-Z

Q. Where do you originally hail from and where are you based now?          

A. Atlanta, Ga

Q. What influences got you into making music professionally?       

A. Gospel, R&B, jazz, 80s-90s hip hop

Q. How would you describe your soundscape, music, and arrangement styles?      

A. I make rap music for those 25 and up that can relate or identify

Q. Do music videos hold any importance in the creative enhancement of music?   

A. Sure

Q. Do you have any upcoming plans for new content?        

A. Yes, I just released my 4 EP, Hiatus

Q. Do you have any notes or suggestions to give to an upcoming lot of musicians?              

A. Stay Consistent

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