Nkese P makes headlines with her latest upbeat EP ‘Multidimensional’ | Daily Music Roll

Nkese P makes headlines with her latest upbeat EP ‘Multidimensional’

Coming from Trinidad and Tobago, singer, songwriter, and voice actress Nkese Perez, popular with the stage name Nkese P is scratching new limits in the industry with her ethereal performances. The talented singer endorses high-spirit musicianship and her taste in melodies bends the expectations refreshingly. The singer has recently dropped her new EP ‘Multidimensional’, comprising of six eclectic songs. Few songs like ‘Boom Boom’, ‘Rock’, ‘No Sleeping’, and ‘Heads Up High’ highlight her bright creative qualities, and the hooks work smoothly to inject her name into the mainstream relevance. Her music is a perfect blend of Caribbean with Island pop, all of which are bowed with other contemporary styles of pop, reggaeton, and Afro beats. Find her music on YouTube, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

Nkese P

Recently, our team had the opportunity to share a detailed conversation with the confident lady and she was excited to share her journey with us. Read below to find out the details.

Daily Music Roll: Congratulations on your new EP. How do you feel about the music’s popularity?

Nkese P: As I’m a reasonably new artist, trying something I haven’t seen much people do which is combine Caribben music genres with Pop, I don’t think it’s really popular. Nevertheless the music is at least on my end had been very well received and the fans appreciate the fresh sound which I’m happy about.

Daily Music Roll: For those who don’t know, how do you describe yourself as an artist?

Nkese P: Multidimensional 😀 multi-faceted. I want to be known for my creativity and fluidity. A singer who can sing any genre and rock it, which is my intention.

Daily Music Roll: What’s the EP ‘Multidimensional’ about and what’s so special about it?

Nkese P: This Multidimensional EP project is my first EP which already makes it special to me. It’s also the first time I’m going against the mold and experimenting with sounds and genres to try to create a unique sound…which is Caribbean crossover: elements of Caribbean music, soca, dancehall, reggae but merged with,Pop elements. I like to call it Island Pop.

Daily Music Roll: What prompted you to take up music as a full-time passionate career?

Nkese P: Music has always been my number one passion from a very young age. In 2019 when I had completed my medical degree at university and secured my “fall back job” as a GP/ Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist, something I’m also passionate about…I decided it was time to go after my number one love, music, now that I had all the time to focus all my energy on it.

Daily Music Roll: Your voice is uniquely expressive, does this manner come naturally or is it something that you’ve worked upon?

Nkese P: Thank you, I’m happy you find that. It’s something that I definitely work on and actually want to be able to do even better. Ive come to realize that many of my favorite singers all have a unique way of expressing themselves where you really feel what they’re singing about and I want to be able to evoke those emotions through my songs and performances too.

Daily Music Roll: Your music is inspired by various genres, what has ignited such a distinctive approach?

Nkese P: Two reasons, 1: I don’t like to follow the crowd. I like to create my own lane and I don’t know any mainstream artist doing this (blending genres) so I want to try to be that one :yum:. 2. I’m just too in love with so many different genres that I can’t pick one that really represents me :sweat_smile:. I see my style in so many. That’s why I really admire such artists like Gwen Stefani, Rihanna, Doja Cat who have a record of singing songs in so many contrasting genres and nailing them all . That’s what I want to do.

Daily Music Roll: What do you believe distinguishes your music from the contemporaries?

Nkese P: Observing popular music across the genres, I realized that many artists fall under one main genre instead of the blended sound I’m trying to create. Since I want to explore many sides of music I’m not sure if this might be the same reason a year from now with my new project but at least for not it’s what I think.

Daily Music Roll: What according to you is lacking in today’s music culture?

Nkese P: Songs with a positive message. Romantic mushy music. I feel like today’s music culture is so hypersexualized. Majority of mainstream top billboard hits are all about sex money drugs. Not like there weren’t that music before but early 2000s, 90s go back , it felt as if there were a balance of the kind of music that was popular. I really miss those eras of music. They all had a longevity factor about them that’s why music from the 70s can still smash today in the clubs. Today’s music seems to be about just creating a catchy tune for trending purposes and 2 years after it’s not really special anymore. I must admit that this Multidimensional project I focused mainly on the “catchiness” aspect of the songs rather than the message but is something I want to switch up with time.

Daily Music Roll: Any plan of going live or virtual in the future?

Nkese P: For sure. Both live and virtual concerts pending. Just waiting to release a few of my other songs before I do so.

Daily Music Roll: Is there anything that your fans should know?

Nkese P: Yes I want them to know firstly that I love them and continually thank them for their support. And if they think they have gotten an idea of what Nkese P has in store, they ain’t see nothing yet. Get ready ??

Daily Music Roll: What has been your most memorable achievement so far?

Nkese P: Sharing the stage and performing with Motown legends such as Martha Reeves Tommy Hunt, Brenda Holloway for the 60th Anniversary of Northern Soul in Skegness England in front of thousands of people. It was an epic experience, which confirmed to me that on a stage is a place I’d wanna be for a long time.