Tommy Legendz, the rap prince, savors his latest EP ‘From Home’ with wild pop and R&B melodies | Daily Music Roll

Tommy Legendz, the rap prince, savors his latest EP ‘From Home’ with wild pop and R&B melodies

Current pop and hip hop music’s bright and lively rhythms have captivated music lovers’ senses for the elusive combination of bouncy and wild synth waves. Tommy Legendz is one person who has helped to shift the frame of music by introducing new rhythms into the scene. Words cannot convey his enthralling grandeur, but it is his lovely lyrics that make his songs rising on music charts. He mixes the sophistication of antique music with the energy of hip hop beats to create spiritual delight that lasts longer than a dirty hangover. The artist from Virginia joins us for an exclusive interview in which he covers all aspects of his artistic endeavors. His new EP ‘From Home’ is out now on multiple streaming platforms including Music Apple, Spotify, and Instagram.

From Home

Daily Music Roll: The fans are particularly enthusiastic about this interview since it features the pioneering Virginia-based rapper Tommy Legendz. How do you feel about your most recent release?  

Tommy Legendz: I feel proud of my work and dedication to my music and I’m glad my fans love my music.

Daily Music Roll: Congratulations on the enormous popularity of ‘From Home’. How do you feel about the success of your new EP?

Tommy Legendz: The popularity of the Ep feels like a movie.

Daily Music Roll: Over one million streams of ‘From Home’. For a little moment, did this seem surreal?

Tommy Legendz: Yes this felt like a dream come true.

Daily Music Roll: I was in a bind when I discovered your new music releases on Spotify. How did you come up with such unique musical ideas?

Tommy Legendz: I came up with my unique musical ideas when I started playing instruments and listening to old songs that interested me.

Daily Music Roll: Your tracks have a straightforward approach that connects the dots between two storylines. What words would you use to characterize your music?

Tommy Legendz: It’s a line between fiction and reality.

Daily Music Roll: Who are your primary musical influences in your life?

Tommy Legendz: My musical influences are Prince, Weeknd, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and more.

Daily Music Roll: You may write lyrical rhymes as well as thunderous hip hop rhythms. What is your favorite type of project to work on?

Tommy Legendz: I loved working on 2000,s, it’s like a new vibe I dug.

Daily Music Roll: Have you ever considered playing freestyle music?

Tommy Legendz: Yes I have Especially with promising opportunities in the near future.

Daily Music Roll: You take your musical experiments very seriously. What else do you have in your luggage that fans should be interested in? 

Tommy Legendz: Fans should be interested in a style that feels refreshing and new.

Daily Music Roll: Who are your musical idols in this business?

Tommy Legendz: I would have to go with prince and Weeknd, their performances are epic.

Daily Music Roll: Do you want to offer any words of wisdom to other persons attempting to make it in the business like you?

Tommy Legendz: Yes, in this business all you need is patients and time to grow a style that is unique to you.

Daily Music Roll: What is your favorite musical instrument, and why can’t you leave it out of a recording?

Tommy Legendz: I love electric guitars because it feels like a way to travel in different aspects of genres without knowing. Sometimes in the studio, I spend hours on end getting lost in my own creativity.