‘Better Man’ by TuskHead is a fantastic blend of timeless melodies with relatable verses | Daily Music Roll

‘Better Man’ by TuskHead is a fantastic blend of timeless melodies with relatable verses

TuskHead brings to life his long-term musical project ‘Better Man’ that perfectly outlines his capabilities and deep understanding of the various musical genres.


A gifted artist who possesses the ability to turn emotions into music is Patrick van Zandwijk, most popularly known as TuskHead. The talented musician nurtures some specific musical habits which only great artists have and the singer shapes his distinctive sound by blending various musical genres that easily become his trademark. His songs are a perfect balance of emotions and harmonies that immediately allure the listeners to become a part of his musical journey. After going through a painful divorce in 2019, the artist had penned down an emotional note that was long-shelved. The song ‘Better Man is out today and proves that the artist is a maker of some of the most heart-touching compositions of recent times. Blending acoustic grace, with vibrant folk sound, and country vibes, the artist talks about how one incident could change one’s perspective towards life, and help them become a better man.

The song ‘Better Man’ is a song that talks about dealing with grief. Channeling his innermost feeling through heartfelt words and fusing soft melodies to wrap it all together, the singer has offered a nostalgic musical experience with the latest one. TuskHead believes in his artistry and is a talented musician who incorporates a lot of rhythms to craft his distinctive sound. The new single greatly explores his musical depth and brings to the forefront the artist’s unique take on heartbreak and life after that. His music is fresh and the set-up is powerful enough to drench the listener’s eyes. Hear out the full song on Spotify and follow him on his official website for more details.

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