BTS drops new music video, ‘Permission to Dance’ indicating the end of Covid-19 pandemic | Daily Music Roll

BTS drops new music video, ‘Permission to Dance’ indicating the end of Covid-19 pandemic

BTS: instagram

K-pop is one of the most popular musical forms in the world right now. The boy band BTS is ruling the k-pop kingdom that has spread its grasp all over the globe. The k-pop superstars have released a brand new music video for the track, ‘Permission to Dance’ importing a hopeful message of the Covid-19 pandemic nearing its end with their positive vibe. Released only a few hours ago, the song has received more than 15 million views on YouTube.

BTS celebrates the freedom from all the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic and gathers around to dance and socialize in their latest music video. They sing, ‘I wanna dance the music’s got me going/ Ain’t nothing that can stop how we move yeah/ Let’s make our plans and live just like we’re golden and roll in like we’re dancing fools/ We don’t need to worry ‘Cause when we fall we know how to land / Don’t need to talk the talk, just walk the walk tonight/ ‘Cause we don’t need permission to dance.’

Ed Sheeran was given the responsibility of co-writing the song, collaborating with Jenna Andrews, Steve Mac, and Johnny McDaid. They have already worked with BTS in their previous tracks like ‘Dynamite’ and ‘Butter’. All the members of the band, Jimin, V, RM, SUGA, J-hope, Jin, and JungKook have given their best breaking the limits of their own ability in their third English single.

The music video spreads the message of love, friendship, and unity. The spectacular visuals uplift the spirit of the viewers by offering them hope with a glimpse into the near future when the pandemic is over.

The MV kicks off with a rapper in the group, SUGGA holding a newspaper with the headline, ‘2022, the beginning of a new era.’

The purple balloons floating freely in the sky before BTS began singing indicate that the pandemic has ended.

BTS has given a teaser of the video to the fans recently, before the release of the actual launch of the MV. The ARMY has been waiting for it with utmost anticipation and their wait is finally over.

BTS has mesmerized the fans with their swiftly improving English diction, many have expressed their joy in the comment section.

The latest music video, ‘Permission to Dance’ is included in their new CD, ‘Butter’, which will be put on the stand today.