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BTS: The army is going to melt with the latest English release, ‘Butter’


BTS has again successfully won the hearts of their listeners with the premiere of their latest track ‘Butter’. This is the second English song approach by the famous Korean boy band.

The track is following the success of their chartbuster hit ‘Dynamite’, released in August last year.

Before the premiere of the official music video, the band hosted a preview on YouTube where they rustled up butter sandwiches and talked about the track.

They described the track as a ‘Charismatic’ number that will “melt your hearts like butter.”

In the video, the septet k-pop icons namely, Jung Kook, Jin, Suga, RM, J-Hope, V, and Jimin could be seen performing together in black and white slick suits. Unlike other tracks, starting off bnw does provide a ‘Smooth criminal’ vibe.

 As the song progresses, their out outfit and colors keep evolving along with the dance steps, singing, and rapping.

The track was shot in a gymnasium-like setting with pulsating lights and aesthetic color schemes. But at the climax, they hit the stage again with sparkling lights and onstage performance.

It is a feel-good, upbeat, and a bit flirty dance track where they sing about being ‘smooth like butter with a ‘superstar glow’.

RM told in a cover story, “It’s very energetic,” while talking about the track. He further added, “And very summery. It has a very dynamic performance.”

BTS’s most recent album ‘BE’ in 2020 had increased the anticipation much with impressions of tragedy and solitude amidst the pandemic. However, there was an optimistic tone as well with the tracks like ‘Life Goes On’.

The band received a nomination for the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category in Grammy this year for ‘Dynamite’. They could not take the award home but their virtual performance in the event made the fans or ‘Army’ go crazy.

The latest track ‘Butter’ has come up with a burst of happiness for everyone.

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