Join an indulgent lyrical ballad with Dada P and his upcoming powerful banger ‘Going Thru it’ | Daily Music Roll

Join an indulgent lyrical ballad with Dada P and his upcoming powerful banger ‘Going Thru it’

Find a richer taste in hip hop music with emerging rapper Dada P and his latest banger ‘Going Thru it’. It revolves around the subject matter of going through life.

Going Thru it

Smearing emotions into words and words into music, upcoming rapper and hip-hop artist Dada P is making everyone enthralled to his latest track ‘Going Thru it’. He is enriching the new-age hip hop industry with his sheer talent, individuality and a great sense of music. The rapper possesses a rich and raspy voice which adds more grit and weight to it. Clever uses of vocal prompts made the electronic soundscape even more quirky and enjoyable. The soundscape is deftly produced with a retro vibe and modern hip hop elements blended to it.

A major hook is provided to the listeners through the sound design and hard hitting verses. Written from a personal perspective, the artist has tried embrace life and its ups and downs this musical representation. As a well-seasoned rapper, Dada or better known as D-A is looking forward to creating a new wave in the hip hop industry with his own tracks. He developed his knack for rap music at the teen age however did not start his musical career until 21. He bought equipments and started recording with the help of his brother.

Greatly influenced by Yo Gotti, Tupac, Nas, Pastor Troy, Talib Kweli, and many others, the artist is trying to create bridge between the retro and the modern bangers while exploring himself. The latest single ‘Going Thru it’ makes a relatable approach to the listeners with by depicting small snippets of life; a journey of going through it. Dada P is looking forward to drop more single while going through his musical journey.