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Lady Gaga is breaking some ground with the latest remixed album ‘Dawn Of Chromatica’

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga

The thrilling potential of the latest album ‘Dawn Of Chromatica’ is making some great buzz in the industry with a remixed essence.

The album is providing some exquisite EDM grooves along with some great collaboration projects that the listeners could never expect. She is one of the few artists who took shocking detours on her musical journey.

The album consists of a total of 14 tracks and each of them is revolving at the epitome of everyone’s attention with a renewed sense of upbeat music. The original album ‘Chromatica’ was made in a way that could be enjoyed in isolation but the latest album is inviting everyone on the dance floor.

Gaga’s signature style of merging classic pop melodies with contemporary grooves and avant-garde methods. The remixed album features some of the powerhouse DJ and pop freaks who provided a different touch to the modern pop industry.

Starting from LSDXOXO, COUCOU CHLOE, Ashnikko, Dorian Electra, and many others have worked on the album to remix the old chartbusters. The tracks like, ‘Alice’, ‘Stupid Love’, ‘Plastic Doll’, etc are sprawling off with a new potential with swathes of EDM.

The track ‘Sine From Above’ with Elton John got into the next layer with Chester Lockhart, Mood Killer, and Lil Texas Remix. Other than that, ‘Sour Candy’ featuring BLACKPINK is garnering attention from the K-pop fanatics as well. It is remixed by Shy Girl and Mura Masa.

Another track ‘911’ with Charlie XCX and A.G. Cook has gained much attention as well. Gaga constantly dabbles between pop to hyper pop and electro-pop remixes while making her followers awestruck.

The track ‘Babylon’ is creating a new fanbase with two remixed versions, one by Bree Runway and Jimmy Edgar and another is Haus Labs Version. The latter one is remixed by Tchami and BloodPop.

Gaga embraced the release of the album by saying, “I invite you to dance to this album in celebration of young artists all over the world,”. The singer further wrote, “Artists who see the world, feel the world, and put that feeling into something bigger than all of us: music.”

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