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Paul McCartney reveals that John Lennon is behind the split of the Beatles

Paul McCartney

The breakup of The Beatles has always been a debated topic for both the band members and the audience. It has been widely suggested for a long time that Paul McCartney had been the reason behind the falling apart of the band. McCartney has recently revealed his side of the story about the band’s demise and rebuffed the accusation that he was responsible for it.

He was on a show on BB radio 4 when he talked his heart out on the matter. The show is called This Cultural Life and it will be aired on October 23rd this year. On the show, he said that it was not him but John Lennon who was the man responsible for the split of The Beatles. He said that he did not prompt the split; rather it was Jonny who did.

The fans of The Beatles have been debating on the topic of who was accountable for the split. Many have been blaming McCartney for years. But McCartney had made it clear that John Lennon wanted to go solo and it drove them to disband in the end.

The facts about the band’s breakup have never surfaced and there had always been confusion. It happened because their manager asked the band members to keep the reason a secret until he closed a number of business deals, said McCartney.

The interview will be broadcasted before the documentary, ‘The Beatles: Get Back’ by Peter Jackson. The six-hour documentary is about the final months of The Beatles as a band. It will be released In November on Disney+.

When the interviewer, John Wilson asked McCartney about his decision to break out on his own he stopped him right there. He said he was not the person who set off the split. According to him Lennon walked in one day and announced that he was leaving the band.

He said he was extremely sad the band was still making good music at that time. He further added that the band was his job and life. He wanted to continue doing what he did.

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