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Rapper DaBaby’s New Song ‘Lonely’ Raises the Voice in Support and Importance of Mental Health

Hip hop artist DaBaby recently came out with the track, ‘Lonely’ in which he pays a heartfelt tribute to his late brother, Glen Johnson. The song is in collaboration with another celebrated artist in the hip-hop industry, Lil Wayne.


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The video for the song is directed by the North Carolina rapper himself donning Joker’s costume adorned with makeup and a bloody smile. He goes on a mass shooting experience and ultimately is put into a psychiatric ward. However, he continues to wreck the place with his old ways as he points out his gun scaring and killing people.

The video also sees Lil Wayne as a fellow patient at the ward sitting across from DaBaby on a table and recites his guest verse with utmost effortlessness while smoking a blunt. DaBaby continues to cause rampant oppression, shooting people in the ward. The video ends with him lying in bed with his lover and realizing it was all a dream after all. The frame closes upon a green Joker suit with a gun hanging from the side leaving the audience questioning the reality of the theme.

The video is composed through a comic and sarcastic bit but behind the dark humor lies the emotional significance of mental health. The song is a tribute to his brother whom he lost in November 2020 owing to suicide. The video ends with a P.S.A. signed by the rapper in his real name, Kirk. The message reads, “Mental health awareness matters. 100 percent of us either deal with or know someone who is dealing with issues revolving around mental health on a daily basis. Take a moment after watching this video and check on our loved ones.” The lyrics of the track also have references to his deceased brother.

DaBaby was really affected when his brother passed last year and shared his sorrow with his fans on social media. He also admitted to seeking therapy to manage his own mental health issues. He also lost his father the year before in 2019.

Listen to one of the most personal songs of his career on YouTube.