‘Soldier’s Promise’ by American singer Carlie Green has the potential to become the anthem of the youth | Daily Music Roll

‘Soldier’s Promise’ by American singer Carlie Green has the potential to become the anthem of the youth

Supremely talented singer-songwriter Carlie Green blends rhythms from various genres to form the hypnotic symphony of her latest project, ‘Soldier’s Promise’.

Carlie Green

Aspiring new singer-songwriter Carlie Green is channeling her positive energy through her inspiring melodic creations. She has released a brand-new composition, Soldier’s Promise’ on major steaming platforms featuring a fusion of R&B, soul, rock, and alternative pop beats. The song depicts the heartbreaking story of her father being martyred in the war. The prolific artist prays to God to keep the soldiers safe and bring them back home. The thought-provoking lyrical ballad deals with a serious issue that is faced by millions all over the world. The inspiring melody created through clever chord structures and progressive arrangements has successfully penetrated the hearts of the listeners. Armed with her convincing vocal performance, the gifted artist has formed a soundscape that uplifts the mood of the audience.

Stepping into the music scene at only 9, Carlie Green has maintained steady growth in her musical career. She has been performing on stages in front of a live audience from a very young age. She has come a long way in becoming a singing sensation on the internet. Her latest single, Soldier’s Promise’ offers a therapeutic experience through its soothing melody and sublime lyrical illustration. The gripping storytelling presented through her equally captivating voice generates real emotions among the listeners. She is driven by her passion to create something meaningful. So, she has weaved a brilliant lyrical narration that expresses her deepest thoughts and emotions. Her unique approach to music that allows her to combine different elements from other genres has separated her from the crowd. Follow her on Spotify to listen to the soundtrack.

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