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Listen to the Best Rock Music Scope with Canada-Based Artist and Producer Zarbo’s Soundscape

ZarboThe creative escapade of the 80’s rock sound is being presented through the compelling remastered versions of artist Zarbo. He lays the foundation of a sound that resonates with that of retro dance themes across a scope of rock music. The sense of old-school elements in his music continues to express itself with individuality even to this day. He was part of a Canadian power pop-rock trio from the 80s who are now making a comeback with the remastered version of songs from their 1985 album, ‘A-Z Collection’. Digitally remastering the record in 2020, the trio is back with a bang with new musical flavors through the tracks. The song, ‘Get Up and Dance’ exemplifies 80s dance themes taking the audience on a journey of distant but known nostalgia. Maintaining a sense of old and new school components, the song is able to captivate the attention of audiences across age groups.

The Canada-based artist and producer Alexander Zarbo was the songwriter, lead vocalist, and bassist of the band who is now restoring the old sound with an edge of newness. In his solo venture, he often defines his sound with pop and EDM streaks. However, the remastered album speaks of something more meaningful and deeper laying the foundation of a new musical journey for himself as well as his audiences. Another song from the revamped album is ‘Change Your Ways’ which is yet another leap into the endless stream of rock musical consciousness that continues to captivate the audience even to this day.

Artist Zarbo has not only accomplished his feats as a musician with his band but also received acknowledgment by the World Indie Music Charts and the Euro Indie Music Charts. His present sound is an expression of contemporary pop and EDM that opens new perspectives for him. Some of his other songs include ‘Save Your Money (Malachi Mott Remix)’, ‘Correction In Direction (Electro Remix)’, ‘Oh Momentum’, and ‘Getting To The Point’. All these songs speak volumes about his creative capacity encouraging him to go further beyond his musical dreams. Follow him for more musical inspiration on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, Linktree, YouTube, Twitter, and Spotify.

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