Betty Moon’s electro-pop-soaked empowering vocals in the song ‘My Only One’ woo her fans | Daily Music Roll

Betty Moon’s electro-pop-soaked empowering vocals in the song ‘My Only One’ woo her fans

It is a special moment to have the outstanding, in-demand singer and songwriter Betty Moon with us. She has recently dropped the eclectic, zealous number ‘My Only One’ soaked with electro-pop rhythms that will cure the bad temperament caused by the second wave of the pandemic. She insists on rolling a good time with the blissful tunes in her new song that celebrates nothing but love. She is here with us to share her perception of the latest trends in the music industry. But first, she is just excited to present her new record and share it with the audience of our magazine. She is set to spend her time with us for the interview and she wants to thank all of her fans who suggested questions to know her better.

Betty Moon

Daily Music Roll: Hi, welcome to the interview. Betty, tell me first how excited are you for your new release?

Betty Moon: Thanks for taking the time, I’m always fueled by the music I make and having a release date in-sight is pretty damn cool. That feeling never gets old, and the hard work that went into it should always have some sort of big moment right? I have a new album (COSMICOMA) coming out 5/21 and “My Only One” is the first single from that. I’m hoping everyone can check it out.

Daily Music Roll: Tell your fans how special is this new track ‘My Only One’ for you?

Betty Moon: I think this one is special because it’s the first of new music for 2021. Last year was probably a whirlwind for most artists and releasing music then was likely more therapeutic than just fun or creative, whereas this year we are here to go big and show the world why music is the most important creative product out there. We have some great songs on Cosmicoma, and ‘My Only One’ is obviously one of my favorites because it has the Betty Moon sound and also some great rock vibes going on.

Daily Music Roll: Are you happy with the response from the worldwide emo-pop lovers?

Betty Moon: I’m happy with all the responses for sure. I never considered my music anything specific but I’ve always known there are people who listen to so many different genres that appreciate my brand of music and who know I dabble in several genres. You can see the numbers go up on places like Spotify, but the true feedback comes from social media, Youtube and people reaching out to me or the label directly to share their sentiments. It really means a lot to me to see so many people into the single and all my other music.

Daily Music Roll: What has inspired you to come up with the idea of the song?

Betty Moon: I often pick up an acoustic guitar and start playing whatever comes to mind. Sometimes it’s on a piano as well, usually between one of those two moments I come up with melodies for vocals and then head to the studio to demo out what I got. I didn’t have any agenda for the song or idea, and it just sort of came to be as I started putting together all these songs for the album.

Daily Music Roll: It is impossible to ignore the beautiful meanders of symphonies you played in it. It feels like an episode that has the key to your heart. Is it true that you generally put some serious anecdotes in your songs?

Betty Moon: I try not to drink my own kool-aid here, but yes I think most artists appreciate how amazing it is to have their own completed product. I’m not some troubled artist who hates the sound of their own voice haha, so I do blast some new Betty Moon here and there and appreciate the beauty of the music I created. I also collaborate with some amazing musicians and friends who have been by my side for years, so hearing that collective of ideas and talent is pretty damn cool.

Daily Music Roll: What is your first love – making music videos or writing songs?

Betty Moon: Writing songs for sure, if a music video is made for one of my tracks that’s just icing on the cake here. I do REALLY enjoy making the music video though and I’m very hands-on with the process. I visualize and ideate music video songs way in advance and also have plans for a couple on Cosmicoma. 

Daily Music Roll: Were you surprised to see your name on the ballot for this year’s GRAMMY nominations?

Betty Moon: Of course, wouldn’t you be haha? Seriously though, it’s amazing to be recognized in this busy and heavily saturated music industry. I’m thankful for all that recognize my work, and it shows I’m heading in the right direction musically.

Daily Music Roll: People have already acknowledged your grind in the music industry. Your music has been featured on Californication, Dexter, Bounty Hunters, Teen Mom, Walking the Dead, etc. How do you feel when you look back at things before success has become your second nature?

Betty Moon: I think creative people (including myself) tend to sometimes forget about all these accomplishments as we are always thinking about “what’s next??”. So yes, taking time to remember all the cool stuff we’ve done over the years is fuel for new creativity and reminds me to take a moment to be amazed at the milestones over time. If I ever get in a creative rut or need some inspiration, I think about these things to give myself new goals and ensure these potential ideas can turn into something quite big and special.

Daily Music Roll: When are you set for touring again?

Betty Moon: I don’t have any plans for touring at the moment, but you never know. Right now there isn’t a lot of that going on in the US but things are getting better rather quickly around here. Maybe check back with me in a couple months? 😉 

Daily Music Roll: Who has inspired you to write songs in your childhood?

Betty Moon: My family was the first introduction to music for sure. We had a small studio on the property so a lot of local talent came through and it inspired me to learn and develop my own musical talent. I grew up in Toronto and made a name for myself at a very young age. 

Daily Music Roll: Do you have any name on your mind whom you want to feature in your next project?

Betty Moon: If you got the direct line to Josh Homme I’d love to get him on the next album. Any leads here? 

Daily Music Roll: How is this pandemic treating your musical escapades?

Betty Moon: I don’t think I’ve ever been more focused or creative. The past year really helped me buckle down and put together a ton of new ideas, including the Cosmicoma album which drops on 5/21. It helped me appreciate that I can still do this music thing when most artists only dabble in this professionally for a short period of their lives. So yes, I’m showing lots of gratitude for music and want to give thanks to all those who check out Betty Moon and my music out there. Thanks for doing the interview!