Cincinnati Based Hiphop Artist BFi ManBoy Opens About his Latest Music Video ‘FROSTBYTE’ Released Recently | Daily Music Roll

Cincinnati Based Hiphop Artist BFi ManBoy Opens About his Latest Music Video ‘FROSTBYTE’ Released Recently

Young and aspiring hip hop artist BFi ManBoy is making headlines with his incredible storytelling ability. He has recently released another hit number named FROSTBYTE on major streaming platforms. The music video of the track has already acquired thousands of views on YouTube. His dynamic vocal has brought the sublime libretto to life. The Cincinnati based hiphop artist has taken some time off from his busy schedule. He sat with our team for an interview revealing many unknown facts about his music.

BFi ManBot
BFi ManBot

1. Tell us some unknown facts about yourself and your music?

Ans: I only record music when I’m going through a “bad time” in life.

2. What is the most unique thing about your latest music video ‘FROSTBYTE’?

Ans: The detail, from the cabin I rented for the video to the attire I used in the video . It’s  different from every style you already hear and see.

3. What message does the track convey to the audience and is it relatable?

Ans: To alway be yo self. I made this song as a statement that my sound is my sound, this is my wave and I won’t change it because it is harder to imitate.

4. What is your primary motivation behind the rhythmically rich and lyrically refreshing hip-hop banger?

Ans: I needed a catchy tune that still displayed my life in the same song.

5. What separates your rapping style in the song from your contemporary artists?

Ans: I am very versatile, I can do club bangers Ike everyone else can or I can used a guitar beat and make a song that is more of a “bop” but filled with all facts. I also don’t fabricate my raps to seem like somebody that I am not.

6. What is the subject matter of the soundtrack?

Ans: My life.

7. Which musicians inspired you to enter the music scene?

Ans: C Murder, Lil Boosie, Rylo Rodriguez.

8. When did you start rapping and how long have you been in the industry?

Ans: I started rapping when I was 14. But I began to take it serious 10 months when I made “Apartments” I continued once I saw a article written about me and the video.

9. What was your last on-stage performance and are you planning for more events?

Ans: I last performed at the magnet bar in 2020. I have a performance coming up In Newport,KY on May 28th 2021 and  a opening live performance for “Yung Bleu” In June 18 2021.

10. Are you working on any upcoming projects right now?

Ans: I recently dropped a Mixtape on April 9th called “Don’t Talk to Me” on all major platforms. I am currently working on a 6 song EP with a couple of big features on it.

11. Are you working with any production house or recording label at the moment?

Ans: I am not at the moment, just working with my label BFi.

12. What message would you like to convey to the newcomers in the industry?

Ans: Stay yourself. If you have to lose your mind about this rap shit then it ain’t for you. If you got to lie in order to get “clout” in your raps , it’s not for you. This shit can get dangerous . Stay true to yo self.