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Hip hop artist Mr. Reaper reveals his thoughts and emotions about his latest album ‘Light vs Dark’

Seasoned hip hop artist Mr. Reaper is back from his break with a brand new album, ‘Light vs Dark’ consisting of 7 incredible rap numbers. Released on March 13th, the album has gained vast popularity and recognition in the global music industry. Our team had the opportunity to do an interview with the brilliant artist obtaining more information about his music and his future plans.

Hi Mr. Reaper! Many congratulations on the release of your most recent album, ‘Light vs Dark’. Thank you for and sitting with us and sharing some interesting facts about your music and yourself.


Daily Music Roll : Describe yourself and your musical background in few lines.

Mr. Reaper : I’m a Hip-Hop artist/Songwriter who likes to talk about the daily struggles we face in life.

Daily Music Roll : What is your latest album ‘Light vs Dark’ about and what do you love the most about it?

Mr. Reaper : Light vs Dark is the Yin and Yang experienced in our character. We have both a light and a dark side. I characterize both sides in a different way or meaning. It’s not about positive or negative. It’s more about growth and character development. The light portrays taking action on goals, enlightenment, seeing things for what they are and moving forward with it. The dark portrays unwanted vibes, seeing through facades/deception, aggression, fear and loneliness. No side is better than the other it’s more of having an equal balance to master as a finished product.

Daily Music Roll : What message does the album convey to the audience?

Mr. Reaper : I created this album as a unique message to master your thoughts, emotions and wellbeing. To stay focus on your goals and live in the moment. To push yourself to be better. Strive for the things you want. Alot of us like to wait on things to improve but I think we need to take action on having a desirable outcome. You have to put in the work to be where you want to be. And that starts with yourself.

Daily Music Roll : How many songs does the album have and tell us a few things about each song?

Mr. Reaper : The album has 7 tracks. A seven track upcoming release on March 13, 2021. Featuring the hit singles, “Thru The Light” and “Thru The Dark.” This album talks about the yin and yang within my life and in ourselves. The ability to take action on goals and spot facades/deception, by staying “Laser Focus” on the task at hand. To live in the moment and have fun by “Letting Loose” and leave the past behind in order to step into the future without knowing the outcome. In order to move forward we have to “Do Better” on the choices we make and the people we bring in our lives. Sometimes we have no direction to go because we feel things are “Slippin Away From Us.” But overall, working hard pays off and contributes to that balance we need in ourselves.

Daily Music Roll : When did you first making music and how long have you been in the Industry?

Mr. Reaper : I began writing music since I was thirteen and started recording at seventeen years old. I have been hooked ever since. I love making music. I look to reach the listeners ear about being their voice on the struggles or types of experiences we all face in our daily lives. I arrived in the music scene publicly on May 2020 with the release of my first album called “Reapercussions.”

Daily Music Roll : Is there any particular reason behind your hiatus?

Mr. Reaper : I always wanted to release my music at an earlier age. As someone who put alot of passion in my music. I felt it should be out for everyone to hear it. I had struggle financially in years past. I didn’t have the mind, the attitude nor the finances to invest in myself. I had some personal issues to deal with and have made a lot of mistakes with the decisions and choices I made. Now I’m at a point in my life to put everything on the table. To let everyone know what I’m about and how I view things.

Daily Music Roll : What is the inspiration behind your sublime melodies?

Mr. Reaper : Everything I been through throughout my life is what inspires me. I want to show my style to the world. To be recognized as a person that loves to empower and inspire others to chase their dreams and elevate theirselves. To make their thoughts become reality. Life is to short. You never know what you will do, where you will be or where you will end up. You live one life. So I feel you should make the best of it. If you have the vision to do the impossible. Why not give it a chance. At the end of the day you won’t have regrets or any doubt on how the outcome will turn out.

Daily Music Roll : Which hip-hop artist influences your creations and how?

Mr. Reaper : My favorite rap group, Bone Thugs N’ Harmony inspired me to rap at a young age. They would rap in unison together. Recording different songs about anything. I envision myself doing something similar but in my own way.

Daily Music Roll : Based on your incredible success in such a short time, what makes your music so engrossing to the listeners?

Mr. Reaper : I think my music reaches listeners because it’s unique. It’s something different then what they listen to daily on the radio. I think I offer a different perspective on music with the way I rap and the passion I emit.

Daily Music Roll : Are you working independently or with any production house right now?

Mr. Reaper : I am an independent artist.

Daily Music Roll : Are you planning to drop more music in the near future?

Mr. Reaper : Yes I plan to drop at least two more singles for the rest of this year. I have one single called Awaken which I aim to release in the summertime.

Daily Music Roll : What message would you like to give to your contemporary artists and newcomers in the music industry?

Mr. Reaper : Invest in yourself. Believe in yourself. See where your journey takes you.