J-Savy releases a new full-length album ‘Caring is Creepy’ featuring enticing melodies | Daily Music Roll

J-Savy releases a new full-length album ‘Caring is Creepy’ featuring enticing melodies

Promising rap artist from Toronto, Canada, J-Savy has been making quite a buzz in the global hip hop industry with his thought-provoking lyrical ballads. Armed with equal dexterity in singing and rapping, the brilliant performer has created a blissful contrast in his latest album ‘Caring is Creepy’. The album released on major digital streaming platforms recently has gained vast attention from the global hip hop community. The thriving musician agreed to do an interview with our team revealing all the details about the album and his future plans.


Hello J-Savy! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk with us. Congratulations on the success of your newly released album Caring is Creepy. Let’s get started.

Daily Music Roll : Give us some details about you and your music?

J-Savy : I am a singer and rapper with exceptional song writing abilities and beatboxing skills. I always listened to many different genres of music from oldies to techno, hip-hop, rock and even classical. I gain a little influence from everything I listen to, which helps build the unique Savy sound.
It all started as a hobby; beatboxing and freestyling back in the day after school or during lunch break with people from the neighborhood. It wasn’t too long after that I started to take it more seriously and started writing full songs. The musical journey never ends for me, as I’m constantly learning or trying something new musically everyday. I recently learned the audio engineering side of things, and fully recorded and mixed my album “Caring is Creepy.” Next I plan to learn videography.

Daily Music Roll : Where are you from and how does it affect your musical career?

J-Savy : I am from Toronto, Canada.
Although there are a good handful of people rising up and doing well in the music industry from here, its tough to get heard. I feel like over the last few years there has been an influx of music artists trying to make it, which is creating an oversaturation if you will. I also find that less people are supportive and check out your work due to that fact.
I mean, if 5 or 6 people are messaging you daily to check out their songs it’s gonna become a bit bothersome, especially if the music ain’t really your style. That’s why as an independent artist,  the job has become that much harder. You really got to try new tactics and constantly be promoting new projects that you think will really resonate with the masses.
That is also why I always remain humble and grateful to all my listeners and supports.

Daily Music Roll : What is the subject matter of your latest album ‘Caring is Creepy’ and how many songs does it have?

J-Savy : Caring is Creepy is an 11 track album which I completely wrote — except for feat. — recorded, mixed and digitally mastered. The subject is pretty much my feelings towards issues, topics, people and things that I care (or cared) about.
I wrote a lot of material over the years, so I wanted to try and break them down into different albums. I decided to put most of my emotional, lo-fi beat, singing songs on this album. I talk about relationships/friendship, ups/downs, and overall personal feelings and vibes I was in over the past few years. I feel the songs are very real and relatable.

Daily Music Roll : What inspired you to write such sublime songs and how does it affect your rhythmic style?

J-Savy : As mentioned in the above question, I literally gained inspiration from situations in life and the songs pretty much wrote themselves. I always try to channel everything into a positive writing energy no matter what the topic may be.

Daily Music Roll : What kind of rhythmic pattern did you use in the songs?

J-Savy : Well I normally have 2 different writing processes. I either have something that triggers me to write my thoughts or I run through beats until I hear one that clicks and start writing to it.
I didn’t stick to a specific rhythmic pattern for any of these songs, I just let the beat take me where it took me and I went with it — if that makes sense, lol.

Daily Music Roll : What message do the tracks of the album convey to the audience?

J-Savy : Each song has its own meaning and its own feel. Most of the songs are meant to be relatable, some are meant to make you feel good, some let you know that you are not alone when you feel down. Ultimately it’s just giving you J-Savy, raw and unfiltered. My cousin Jeron even suggested I name the album “Savy’s World” for the simple fact that the sound is unique and the songs are very “me”.

Daily Music Roll : What is the one thing about your music that makes you special compared to your contemporary rappers?

J-Savy : Well truthfully I think I have my own lane. Sure there are artists that sing and rap as well but I think my sound and style is unique compared to what’s out. My greatest strengths are my song writing and hook creating abilities. I’ve gained many praises for my catchy and unique choruses and bridges.
I’d say one of the biggest things that separate me from artists in my genre nowadays, is I try not to use too much autotune, effects or oversaturate my vocals. I prefer a more crisp, clear vocal sound with light effects. Nothing against the artists that like that heavy effected autotune sound, it’s just not for me personally. I feel these factors help make me unique to my own style and stand out.

Daily Music Roll : Which hip-hop artists inspire you the most and how do you apply them to your music?

J-Savy : I have gained inspiration from many different artists such as, Tupac, Nas, Eminem, Drake, Nate Dogg, They, and believe it or not, some other genre artists such as The Platters, Nirvana, and so many more. There is no particular artist that inspires me the most, but these are the ones that come to mind first.

Daily Music Roll : When did you first start rapping and singing?

J-Savy : I started singing from as far back as I can remember, and was even accepted into St. Michael’s  when I was younger, due to my vocal abilities. Unfortunately due to finances and family hardships I could only attend for 2 years. I got into hip-hop around grade 6 and started out beatboxing after I heard Rahzel.
Shortly after I started rapping with people from the neighborhood over instrumentals and eventually started writing songs. I got better and better and decided it was time to take to the stage, opening up for Killah Priest of Wutang on my first live gig in 2011. From there I haven’t stopped, putting out 2 full albums before taking a brief hiatus. Now I’m back like I never left with enough material for 4 albums.

Daily Music Roll : Do you write your own music? If yes, tell us about the process?

J-Savy : Yes, I write all my own lyrics but receive my beats from producers. The process is really simple, I either write down what I feel, when I feel it, or skim through beats until something speaks to me. I often write the hook first and build off that, unless I have a verse on a topic I wrote to, then I will build around that. I usually write songs very quickly when I get going. Most songs take me 15-30 minutes to write, some needing a bit of touch ups and fine tuning to smooth out later.

Daily Music Roll : Are you an independent artist or are you working under a production house right now?

J-Savy : I am an independent artist doing it all right now. Creating new content, recording, engineering all of the songs, promoting, marketing, all that. It becomes pretty difficult and exhausting at times, but my love for what I do pushes me through. Not to mention when people hit me up with positive feedback or when I gain new fans, it really makes it worth the while.

Daily Music Roll : Do you plan to release more music in 2021?

J-Savy : I most certainly do. I have a music video for a track called “CND” coming out soon. I have an album in the works, with all the beats produced by Marcus Haran, another local artist/producer making waves in the music scene right now. I have a double album I want to put out in the near future called “out with the old, in with the new” featuring all my old songs I wanna finally push out, along with new ones I’ve been writing. I feel it will give a good look into how I’ve grown and changed as an artist as well as get out all the material I’ve never had a chance to release. Last but not least, I want to put together an album entirely made up of collabs with some local artists.

I would like to thank you for the interview as well as thank all my fans for constantly supporting my work.
There is plenty more to come, so y’all stay tuned.