‘No Strings’ by Cassandra J is a fresh and groovy pop anthem with flaming musical notes | Daily Music Roll

‘No Strings’ by Cassandra J is a fresh and groovy pop anthem with flaming musical notes

Cassandra J

Pop is a genre that requires a lot of innovation and certainly a lot of talent. Riding high on the charts with her fabulous vocal prowess and exotic writing style, artist Cassandra J is ensuring to make her name heard globally. In her recent music video No Stringsthe versatile musician has delivered a catchy pop anthem that finely explores her unique sound styles and strong grip over songwriting. Being born to a musically inclined family, she had always shared a love for music and with time polished her natural gifts to make a significant impression in the industry. The song captures her melodic vocals and reveals her special qualities to her legit fans. Give it a listen on YouTube and Spotify.

Recently our team had the opportunity to share a short conversation with this rising star and she was quite keen on sharing her experience with us. Read below to find out the details.

Q. Congratulations on your new video ‘No Strings’, how do you feel about the appreciation and love?

Ans. Thank you so much. It’s a great feeling to be recognized for your talent, and who you are as an artist. I love to connect with people in positive ways through my music. It makes me feel like I’m an outlet for those who needs it.

Q. What do you believe distinguishes you from the rest?

Ans. I believe what distinguishes me from the rest is my individuality altogether. The way I look,  the way I sound, my chill vibe. I don’t try to fit the mold of what society sees as beautiful, or off what’s acceptable to society in general. I’m just me. You won’t hear another artist today that sings like Cassandra J. I’m not saying I’m up there with Whitney Houston, but my voice is very unique and not very comparable to other sounds.

Q. Pop is a difficult genre to conquer, how do you believe your journey has been different so far?

Ans. I would describe myself as more so r&b… however It has been hard. It can be tough trying to be seen by the right person. Trying to gain fans. Trying to get heard. Especially as an independent artist. It’s a constant grind.

Q. Which modern-day artists inspire your melody line?

Ans. A modern-day artist that inspires my melody I’d have to say Sam Smith.

Q. What or who has been your constant source of inspiration?

Ans. My constant source inspiration is just life. Life struggles, life changes. The good and the bad.

Q. Do you want to play it safe or experiment with other genres as well?

Ans. Play it safe? Nah, I’m dipping in other genres.

Q. What do you feel misses in the pop industry right now and how do you wish to change it?

Ans. I’m missing! lol I got that classic timeless  90s sound with a new school twist. The 90s never dies.

Q. You’re an incredible songwriter. Does it come naturally to you?

Ans. Yes songwriting does come naturally to me. I’ve been writing since I was around 8 or 9. I just write what’s in my heart or what I feel.

Q. How do you wish to shape your musical career in the coming years?

Ans. I want to be a household name. I want to be the go to when an artists needs a hot new beat or sound. I’d also love to act in movies one day. Maybe even do some voice acting. The first step is to go viral.

Q. Any plans to go virtually live in the future?

Ans. Yes of course.

Q. What is your most incredible memory so far?

Ans. My most incredible memory is seeing my oldest son smiling ear to ear fresh out of the womb. I never seen someone so new to the world already filled with so much joy. He held that smile at least for one minute gazing into my eyes. I’ll never forget it.

Q. Would you like to share any message for your fans and followers?

Ans. Just that I appreciate you all for rocking with me. I appreciate all the love and support and I’m forever grateful for every fan and listener. Stay tuned there’s more to come. If you haven’t followed me already you can follow me on Instagram @iam_cassandraj and    Twitter @iam_cassandraj so you can stay up to date with all my new releases.